Jupiter transit dates — 2024 and beyond

Since ancient times, people have been fascinated by the planets and their movements in the sky. One of the most important aspects of these movements is the transit of a planet across the face of the Sun. This event can be used to help astronomers learn more about a planet’s characteristics.

In astrology, the transit of Jupiter is considered to be a time of opportunity and good luck. For this reason, many people watch for the Jupiter transit dates in order to take advantage of the positive energy that is said to be associated with this event.

Jupiter is one of the planets that will transit across the Sun this year. The transit of Jupiter will occur on April 13, 2022. This event will be visible from most parts of the world, so make sure to mark your calendars! According to AAPS the following Jupiter transit dates await us in the future:

Transit DateZodiac Sign
April 13, 2022Pisces
April 22, 2023Aries
May 1, 2024Taurus
May 14, 2025Gemini
October 18, 2025Cancer
December 5, 2025Gemini
June 2, 2026Cancer
October 31, 2026Leo
January 25, 2027Cancer