Lilith in Pisces – what does it mean?

For people with Black Moon Lilith in the sign of Pisces, the most significant source of power to reclaim in their life lies within the transcendence of their material limitations. 

There is something ethereal about these people that they often express with solitude or forms of escapism. They’re often hunted by a feeling that they’re not made for this world. 

If they wish to come out of this shadowy belief about themselves, they must reflect on how to develop their spirituality and learn to combine intuitive knowledge with concrete reality. They can get stuck in their dream world, which is why Lilith, with Her intense nature, causes these people to live on either side of two extremes: being overly realistic and thus suppressed in their imaginative abilities, or the opposite; they can get lost in a fantasy.

When the Black Moon resides in Pisces in a person’s chart, She causes them to experience an imbalance between being lost in dreams or acting overly attached to the material world.  

On whichever point of the scale they are, and despite how integrated their Lilith is, these people will likely be fascinated by spirituality and finding meaning in life. They may repress this, but they desire to connect with the Divine, and consciously or not, this topic absorbs them. 

This article will discuss how these people can reclaim their power and use the potential of Lilith by standing up for their authentic, free, and sovereign self, as well as the personality that manifests if the delicate, complex, and shadowy aspects of Black Moon Lilith in Pisces are integrated with integrity and self-love.

Lilith’s empowered character

The Pisces archetype opposes the sign of Virgo, which is concerned with reality and duties. Pisces, therefore, focuses on anything mysterious and connected to the unseen parts of life. This archetype is all about other dimensions, which strengthens the mysterious qualities of Lilith, who rules the unconscious desires and thus the neglected parts of an individual. 

To reclaim their self-empowerment, these people need to transcend the shadow aspects of this archetype, such as delusion, gullibility, escapism, and coping mechanism for their existential depression and anxiety. Once healed from Her traumas, Lilith can manifest Her energy in incredibly graceful ways by fine-tuning these people’s personalities with more compassion, kindness, and an aura of serenity. 

Especially if they have the water element emphasized in their chart, their intuition can be one of incredible strength and a superpower of theirs. 

These people are mysterious individuals and give that off by often being secretive about their feelings. Feeling safe and trusting the environment or people around them may take a while, but once they do, they can reveal themselves and unleash tremendous wisdom, compassion, and intuitive insights. 

Charming and flirtatious in their approach, they are usually pretty good at blending in. Yet coming close to them emotionally can be tricky; they are good at hiding their uniqueness and keeping a certain intimate distance on purpose. 

In this sensitive, delicate, and spiritual sign, Lilith may not feel entirely at ease. Yet, She can enhance a person’s intuitive power and creativity, bring them a vivid imagination, and overall strengthen their abilities to tap into their subconsciousness. 

These people, though, need to keep a watch on Lilith’s extremist nature and not travel along with their imagination too far, for it will lead to dubious plans and questionable philosophies that may cause problems in the reality of life, which they tend to forget.

In Pisces, Lilith becomes more introspective and explores the deeper realms of someone’s psyche. Therefore, those with their Black Moon in Pisces are often talented psychologists and also fascinated by metaphysics, archetypes, and mythology. This attributes them with tremendous empathic abilities and the gift to understand other people very deeply. 

As the years go by, they can become some of the wisest individuals, especially when they learn to fully integrate their Lilith and use the potential to source lots of power from having peace and mastery in their spiritual awareness. What problems may occur and need to be concurred to achieve this will be discussed in the last section of this article. 

But let’s first look at another characteristic of Lilith in Pisces by diving into the central aspect of life that She rules; sexuality.

Sexuality and relationship

Lilith reveals the hidden aspects of a person that can often be found in their sexual nature and what parts of it are repressed and causes them to act out in particular ways.

Because illusions and misbelief about self-worth are the most common indications of a wounded Lilith in Pisces, those with this placement tend to be misled in relationships because they are not always clear about others and their intentions. Many of these people have painful experiences in matters of the heart because they tend to trust the wrong people and unconsciously attract those that mirror the self-destructive behavior they are often blind to. 

The latter is a result of the imbalance of their unlimited imagination. These people rely more on their intuition and fantasy than they acknowledge concrete reality. This can lead to the disintegration of the self, or as mentioned before, it leads to self-destruction that they often don’t even notice. More on that in the next paragraph.

In their romantic life, these people may cling to their partner a little too much. Affection and safety are significant to them. They often have a libido that has appeared since childhood and extends beyond its sensitive nature to a dependence on it. 

Betrayal, rejection, and abandonment are some of the most harmful triggers to the Pisces archetype, which is why such things can unleash the destructive power of Lilith’s rebellious nature when She is in Pisces. Those with this placement can get lovesick and may reach points of extreme behavior when they feel heartbroken and can’t deal with the pain in healthy ways. 

But not all is tragic in the love-life of people with Lilith in Pisces. This vulnerable matter is indeed a big aspect and area of learning for them, but Lilith here can also bring a lot of power and actually inspire these people (with a little bit of force) to find their source of power in self-love.

They have such a highly empathetic nature, pure intentions for the world, and a genuinely caring heart, that when they feel balanced and secure within their romantic abilities make their partner a fortunate individual. They have oceans of love to share, yet for that to not be a form of escapism and overcompensation of a hole in their heart, these people need to remain aware of the reality of life and the darker aspects that they tend to ignore. 

They can reject or suppress unpleasant emotions in a relationship, such as vindictiveness or jealousy. But this can cause them to project it onto others, which is why this placement can play out as noticing their shadow side in other people. 

Lilith may consider Herself the victim of others a lot, but in fact, She shows people that they’re giving away their power by avoiding what needs to be faced; they can’t get everything they want from life and need to meet their desires for love and affection by themselves without making others responsible for how they feel. That is part of the maturing process Lilith encourages these people to undergo. 

Lesson in life

The Pisces archetype is susceptible to experiencing problems related to their spiritual life experience.

Falling or believing in illusion is a significant risk for them because they can get stuck in their dream world, lose touch with reality, or find it challenging to stay there and resort to escapism. It is a compassionate sign, emotional and empathetic, thus in need of affection, adoration, understanding from others, and creative outlets that allow them to balance dealing with responsibilities and being free in their fantasy. 

When Black Moon Lilith is in Pisces, She is more sensitive, and Her ways of escapism can be more extreme. People with this placement often deal with negative emotions through heavy drinking, taking drugs, having lots of sex, or other addictive patterns. 

Though their sensitivity leads to tremendous intuition and kindness due to their empathy and compassion, people with Lilith in Pisces also experience challenges related to the shadow side of this sign. They tend to mistake their intuition for anxiety, worry, or external influences such as psychological pressure. This can make them shy, fragile, or even gullible in life, which are signs of losing one’s self-empowerment. 

The Lilith placement in this sign, therefore, is not so much related to anger management and trauma release but more an indication of spiritual problems that require deep trust and self-awareness to transcend. In Her raw and spontaneous nature, the Black Moon can feel repressed in Her ability to own truth and see the thing clearly. Still, She is also invited to embrace an incredible creative power that She can unleash and make these people some of the most artistic. On top of this, Lilith can also deepen Her awareness of psychology, mysticism, and other studies that increase Her ability to understand people. 

To reclaim this power, people with this placement need to consider in what ways they might be lying to themselves and come across differently than they intend. Being misunderstood is often a big issue for them, a pain that sparks their passion for understanding others better. But this challenge of being considered a liar can be traumatic to experience, mainly because it is often far from the truth. The Pisces person will immediately admit their wrongs. They have others’ interests at heart and are some of the kindest people. For example, they would never think of fabricating information for their own gain.

Another indication of unhealed Lilith in Pisces is a rejection of anything related to spirituality and things beyond the physical reality. They can have a deep fear of it and hold on to the safety of what is ‘known.’ Crippling worries and anxiety can manifest in a suppression of their emotions, which is detrimental to anyone, yet especially for Lilith in Pisces. 

Psychotherapy can work wonders on them. It helps these people integrate their placement fully and enable them to tap into their creativity and express their vivid imagination in a beautifully artistic way. 

Art, photography, acting, writing, or other creative outlets are a talent for them to discover, but they need to first heal their Lilith by transcending their material limitations. If they find what is required in order to trust their exploration into deeper realms of knowledge, their creative imagination can bring fortune and abundance to their lives. 

Psychedelics and other mind-altering substances are best avoided, especially when Lilith is not yet fully integrated. Connecting to deeper spiritual realms can be an incredibly enriching experience but also a risk of creating intense fear, overwhelm, spirit attachment, or other energy-related trauma. There is a higher risk of falling into chaotic situations that force them into a victim state while being more grounded and aware of their inner world will help them establish much more mental, emotional, and especially spiritual strength. 

These people are more receptive to influences from the world around them than most people. Depending on the rest of the chart, this receptivity can make them prone to self-sacrifice or suffer from poor boundary setting. 

They need to take better care of themselves and gain enough self-awareness to find their freedom and be responsible for their wellbeing.