Venus transit dates — 2024 and beyond

People have been fascinated by the planets and their movements in the sky since ancient times. One of the most crucial parts of these motions is a planet’s transit across the Sun’s face. This occurrence may be utilized to assist astronomers in learning more about a planet’s qualities.

In astrology, the transit of Venus is said to bring love, beauty, and money. For this reason, many people look for the Venus transit dates in order to profit from the beneficial energy associated with it.

This year, Venus will transit across the Sun as one of the planets that do so. The transit of Venus will occur on March 21, 2022. This event will be visible from most parts of the world, so make sure to mark your calendars! According to AAPS the following Venus transit dates await us in the future:

Transit DateZodiac Sign
March 31, 2022Aquarius
April 27, 2022Pisces
May 23, 2022Aries
June 18, 2022Taurus
July 13, 2022Gemini
August 7, 2022Cancer
August 31, 2022Leo
September 24, 2022Virgo
October 18, 2022Libra
November 11, 2022Scorpio
December 5, 2022Sagittarius
December 29, 2022Capricorn
January 22, 2023Aquarius
February 15, 2023Pisces
March 12, 2023Aries
April 6, 2023Taurus
May 2, 2023Gemini
May 30, 2023Cancer
July 7, 2023Leo
August 7, 2023Cancer
October 2, 2023Leo
November 3, 2023Virgo
November 30, 2023Libra
December 25, 2023Scorpio
January 18, 2024Sagittarius
February 12, 2024Capricorn
March 7, 2024Aquarius
March 31, 2024Pisces
April 24, 2024Aries
May 19, 2024Taurus
June 12, 2024Gemini
July 7, 2024Cancer
July 31, 2024Leo
August 25, 2024Virgo
September 18, 2024Libra
October 13, 2024Scorpio
November 7, 2024Saggitarius
December 2, 2024Capricorn
December 28, 2024Aquarius
January 28, 2025Pisces
May 31, 2025Aries
June 29, 2025Taurus
July 26, 2025Gemini
August 21, 2025Cancer
September 15, 2025Leo
October 9, 2025Virgo
November 2, 2025Libra
November 26, 2025Scorpio
December 20, 2025Sagittarius
January 13, 2026Capricorn
February 6, 2026Aquarius
March 2, 2026Pisces
March 26, 2026Aries
April 19, 2026Taurus
May 14, 2026Gemini
June 8, 2026Cancer
July 4, 2026Leo
August 1, 2026Virgo
September 2, 2026Libra
November 6, 2026Virgo
November 22, 2026Libra
January 1, 2027Scorpio
January 29, 2027Sagittarius
February 24, 2027Capricorn