What house is my Lilith in?

The fascination about this powerful astrological phenomenon and curiosity about perhaps your shadow self is likely the reason you have stumbled upon this article.

Let it be your intention to allow the content you seek to support or even confirm what you already know deep within your soul.

The placement of Lilith in your chart can reveal aspects you recognize in your own life. Still, it will not provide any concrete answers on how to control the confusion or wonder you may have about your unique situation.

Gaining self-awareness and accurate knowledge from this article requires that you realize each placement in your chart has a different influence. Your Lilith is just one aspect that fits in your entire life story. Therefore, how Lilith plays out in your chart depends on many other astrological elements. You can only precisely determine what actions to take by booking a personal reading with an astrologer.

This article will introduce you to the research you can do about your astrological blueprint. With just a few pieces of the big puzzle that is your destined life path, you can already foresee the bigger picture in which it will manifest. Finding and fitting every piece happens when you allow yourself to experience and discover life as it goes on!

By explaining the value of Lilith and many other subjects in astrology, we intend to provide inspiration and insight to help you find the right path that uncovers the potential of your unique design.

Finding answers

Interpreting the aspects of your astrological natal chart is a journey of many facets. Because it is the oldest study known to humans and has evolved for many years separately in multiple cultures, there are many branches, methods, styles, and levels of depth to consider. This can be an extremely complex matter, mainly because every detail matters.

Though there are many things to learn from getting to know your chart, including the depths of your shadowy side, it is more important to use astrology as a tool of guidance and support to trust deeper and listen to your Higher self more consciously.

Yes, astrology can provide most answers you might seek, but this blinds the power of your heart to have courage and trust the life you can live by simply being present in your authentic self.

When looking at the aspects of your shadow-self and what part of the raw feminine in your unconscious desires to be free, a study on your Black Moon Lilith can provide plenty of information to integrate and consider as pieces of your puzzle.

In short, Lilith represents a mysterious, oppressed, and autonomous energy. She is called the Black Moon because Her connection with the unconscious is a subtle and indirect manifestation of your hidden emotions, desires, and motives, which the Moon rules. This point in the chart is associated with the shadowy aspects you may struggle with, such as jealousy, selfishness, vindictiveness, trauma, rage, rebellion, and grief. Because we often hide these parts, Lilith is referred to as the ‘Black’ Moon.

To further understand this dark feminine energy of the independent female archetype, please read the article ‘The Dark Goddess Archetype.’

Understanding why and how you may unconsciously sabotage your potential and self-empowerment is not an easy discovery. But the information about your Lilith, and the connections She makes in your chart, can reveal insight into the malfunctions that might hold you back in life. Healing this part of your chart by making peace with Black Moon Lilith will help you step into your authentic power.

Knowing where She hides

The astrological archetype of the zodiac in which Lilith is positioned reveals a lot about the distinctive aspects of your personality and behavioral patterns that are out of balance. Your Lilith sign tells you how you deal with your shadow side and what to look out for.

What aspects come forth is further discussed in the articles about Lilith in each sign.

Equally crucial to the zodiac sign She is in is the area in your life where Lilith’s influence plays a role.

Recognizing the influence of Lilith in your life becomes easier when you can focus your attention not just on a personality trait but also on the direction and area in which you express it most significantly. This is indicated by the house that Lilith is positioned in!

The aspects she makes with other planets and points in your chart will provide insight into the dynamics in which this unconscious suppression of Lilith holds you back.

To fully understand Her in your chart requires an in-depth reading. But the following steps will hand you tools with which you can discover a lot by yourself already.

First, you must find your Lilith placement in the natal chart. Several websites can calculate this for you.

When you have found your Black Moon, you will recognize it as this symbol: ⚸

Before getting into the specific traits, it is helpful to understand in what house She is hiding in your chart. To know where you might want to direct your focus, read the article that relates to your Lilith position:

Now that you understand the area, look up the sign Lilith is in and read one of the following articles to understand the specific shadow aspects that you will likely recognize in yourself:

The best way to interpret your Lilith is to unite the information about the house and sign She is in and consider in what ways you relate to the provided information. You must ask yourself if the shadow aspects are holding you back from living to your fullest potential. Lilith provokes radical acceptance of the self, which in essence is the purpose of Her placement and why She manifests particular behavior and situations that force you to face the parts of you that you no longer need to hold on to.