What is a horoscope?

A horoscope is a tabular statement of the positions of the planets at a given time. Astrologers often use this table or chart to interpret planetary influences on human affairs and terrestrial events.

According to the principles of astrology, celestial bodies are associated with specific traits, emotions, abilities, and even illnesses. Astrologers have long believed that one’s destiny can be divined through knowledge of which planets were in position at the moment of birth. Thus, horoscopes are valuable because they provide individuals with information about their potential and how they may behave under different circumstances. Everyone receives their horoscope when they are born because they are tied to one’s exact time of birth.

People once believed that astrology should be studied and practiced only by kings and nobles because the stars govern their subjects. The earliest records show that the Babylonians developed a form of astrology about 3,000 years ago. They created horoscopes around 2,300 B.C., which were based on the constellation system developed by Babylonian astronomers. Based on these time-honored theories, modern astrologers can tell how planets influence one another and provide individuals with advice for their daily lives.

People perform activities such as taking a vacation at times predicted to be auspicious or arranging weddings when planetary positions do not adversely affect them. Today, many people still are guided by their horoscope in making important decisions. People whose horoscopes fall into the same grouping or zodiac sign tend to have common traits, characteristics, and interests that influence their attitudes and approaches toward life. Astrologists believe that in ancient times planetary positions influenced people’s lives far more than in modern times since scientific advances have provided people with different ways of controlling earthly events.

Horoscopes can be a great guide for what to expect in life but one shouldn’t rely on them blindly, especially before making big and important decisions in life. It’s best to look at all the aspects involved before finalizing something.