Which zodiac signs are the best kissers?

What’s your favorite sign for kissing? Do you believe that one sign is better at kissing than the others? Here’s some information on which zodiac signs are said to be the best kissers! Read on to see if your sign made the cut:


Aquarius individuals are often considered to be some of the best kissers. They’re enthusiastic and spontaneous, which can make for a very passionate kiss. They also like experimentation, so they’re likely to try new things in bed – including kissing.


Leos are known for being dramatic, passionate and flamboyant. All of these traits come into play when they kiss, making them some of the most romantic partners that one can have.


Libras are playful, engaging and super flirty when they want to be. All these traits can make for a great time especially if the Libra in question has strong feelings for you.


If you want to have the best kiss of your life, get yourself a Taurus lover. Not only will the fireworks never end but the honeymoon period of your romance will always continue as well. This is because Taurus are known to be patient and dedicated lovers, so if you’re looking to be kissed the right way for a long time, a Taurus is your best bet.

We hope this list helps to narrow it down when it comes to looking for the best kisser. Did your or your crush’s star make the list?