Which zodiac signs will break your heart?

Heartbreak is an experience that we all would gladly avoid in life but the chances of keeping your heart guarded and not opening up to love will mean a lonely life. So, if you want to give love a chance but try to minimize your chance of ending up getting heartbroken, our list of which zodiac signs will break your heart can be a great guideline to help you navigate the rather difficult world of love.

Even though there is no one definitive answer to the question there are some general things that can be said about this topic and astrology provides us with ample information about what to expect from all zodiac signs regarding love and heartbreak.

For one thing, it is worth noting that different zodiac signs tend to have different personality types. So, if you are looking for a sign that is likely to cause you pain, you might want to consider the personality traits of each sign.


Some zodiac signs are more prone to being emotional and dramatic than others. Pisces are a sign likely to fall in love hard and fast and they are also more likely to cause a broken heart. Pisces are also very sensitive and can often be the ones who initiate a breakup to save themself pain down the line.


Aquarius is another sign that is likely to cause you pain. Aquarians can be quite detached from their emotions and this often leads to them being unfaithful in relationships or simply breaking up with their partners without warning. This sign is a water sign and is often quite selfish which can be difficult for their romantic partners to digest.


Cancers are also a sign that is likely to break your heart. They can be quite clingy and needy in relationships and they often take things too personally. This leads to them becoming emotionally unstable and often results in the end of a relationship. They often have a “me first” attitude and can be quite arrogant in relationships. They are also not the most faithful of zodiac signs and are often tempted by other people who might be seen as more challenging.

If you want to keep your heart safe then it’s best to watch out for these signs mentioned above. However, we must stress the fact that these are at best estimates of what people are likely to do rather than definitive predictions of people’s actions. The best course of action in love is to do what feels right and if something feels off it’s best to call things off than suffer.