April 17 zodiac sign horoscope

Personality traits of persons born on April 17

The powerful influence of Aries coupled with its governance of the planet Mars determines the characteristic traits of individuals born under this sun sign. On top of that, the actual date on which these people are born, which by numerological meaning is ruled by Saturn, plays a symbolic role. 

Though the union of astrological and numerological interpretations brings a general view of a person’s traits, their uniqueness is individually specified by other planetary positions that may have an equal or even more powerful influence on someone’s personality and experiences. 

Combining the sun sign and the ruling planet of April 17 specifies this person’s personality in its uniqueness from other Aries individuals.

Saturn is the planet of discipline, formality, authority, and stability. These are not typical traits of the Arian personality. In reality, these individuals often dislike things because they are spontaneity, passion, playfulness, and an unwillingness to obey others’ orders that fit these fiery people much better.

Yet April 17 persons have a natural way of carrying out these aspects to show the more status-oriented, practical, and achieving results of Saturn’s qualities, as mentioned before. 

They are filled with confidence from their sense of responsibility and courage to not dwell in negativity but instead work their way out. Setting reasonable goals is a great strength because Arians are often good at starting things with enthusiasm and determination, yet not always as good at sticking with something that may not work as they hoped. They have no problem turning their back to something old and focussing on something new. Especially these April 17 persons, seize any opportunity that shows and will work hard to achieve their more thought-through goals.

The leadership qualities of their archetype show less in the typical Aries aggressive assertiveness, but rather in how they remain in control over the efficiency of their life and what they value. They are exceedingly responsible in all areas of life. Despite being more cautious when making decisions, the iteration behind typical to the Aries characteristics brings forth newness, effectiveness, and motivation to grow and expand. 

One tendency that may hold them back from making friends or being understood is their sometimes restless behavior or overly critical approach towards others. They quickly judge a person or situation and are not always the best at responding with compassion or gentleness. This is due to Mars’ influence because its symbolism represents reactiveness, aggression, and at times being too straightforward. And although honesty is always a good thing, some things are better to be dealt with silently, which is a lesson for these individuals. 

How love is experienced by persons born on April 17

Aries people most likely passionately approach their love-life. The influence of Saturn on their date of the month will likely determine them as devoted lovers as well.

They may experience some intense ups and downs in their love life before finding a life partner, mainly because they tend to be controlling or dominant, which can cause tension and conflict in intimate bonds.

Yet once in love, these individuals are romantic and will bring lots of excitement, support, and encouragement to the relationship. Their loved ones always have a good friend in April 17 people first. 

For the softening of their sometimes harsh attitude towards life fueled by Saturn’s disciplined determination, a loving relationship can be essential to them as it enhances their sensuality and invokes the more optimistic traits of their Arian nature. They may find it hard to receive or give affection. Thus that is another reason their love-life can bring a lot of growth and soften.

Generally in life, it is advised that these people strengthen their patience and take more time to let something work itself out before reacting immediately with strong judgment on either themselves or the other. This way, they may end up feeling less disappointed and learn to curb their destructive Aries tendencies in unfavorable situations. 

Health of persons born on April 17

Within such self-awareness and discipline levels, most diseases likely don’t stand a chance to develop in their physical body. 

Because of the external factors that influence a person’s wellbeing and the uniqueness of their build, it is essential to prevent specific ailments by understanding the unique system of their physique. A proper diet, lifestyle, and self-care routine can lower the risk and susceptibility for many diseases. For these individuals, it is extra important to find the love and care for themselves by taking their wellbeing into account. 

For people born on this day, the cause of most problems is often under much pressure from either their perfectionism or the expectations and responsibilities of the world around them. 

Toothache, blood pressure, headaches, and liver problems are issues that arise first and signal an overdose of stress or a lack of time and space to recharge and cleanse oneself. 

The influence of Saturn brings hardening, crystallization, obstruction, malignancy, atrophy, or under-activity of specific organs to the surface.

Ideal careers for persons born on April 17

Trusting and honoring the symbolism of the ruling planets and archetypes can help realize the potential and role in the world and what kind of career opportunities are derived from such insight. The way to success becomes effortless once a person finds what truly suits them. 

Aries people born on April 17 are often recognized as responsible and reliable individuals that can be trusted with important tasks. They have excellent organizational skills.

Speaking from their archetype, Aries people are born leaders and motivating, inspiring, and persistent at work. They work hard and hold a good work ethic as a priority in their career.

Career directions: managerial, administration, sports, real estate, organizational leader, or medicine.

Important historical events that happened on April 17

1932 – Slavery ended by Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie.

1975 – The Khmer Rouge captures Phnom Penh, Cambodia, marking the end of the Cambodian Civil war (Kampuchea National Day).

Famous persons born on April 17

  • Jennifer Garner
  • Sean Bean
  • Victoria Beckham
  • J.P. Morgan
  • Maynard James Keenan
  • David Bradley
  • Karen Blixen

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