August 29 zodiac sign horoscope

Personality traits of persons born on August 29

The planet Mercury is accountable for the specification of the characteristics and typical traits in the personality of Virgo individuals. The reigning celestial body influenced by numerological synchronicity connects this zodiacal sign with a specific set of influential elements related to the number twenty-nine. 

Mercury rules our intellect, eloquence, and analysis, while the Moon is known to bring forth compassion and understanding of feelings and energy. Combining these two celestial bodies allows these people to take on an advisory role to see the bigger picture and be resourceful problem solvers. Still, they have a lot of tolerance and patience for whatever they interact with.

Dates and their connection to a particular planet’s symbolism rule the second aspect that explains the noticeable difference between individuals falling in the same zodiacal group. In their case, this is the gentle and receptive Moon. This celestial body has feminine solid energy, rules the emotions, and enhances empathy towards other people while also creating a unique mix of imagination and practicality.

The number eleven, which is the sum of the single digits, namely two and nine, is from a numerological insight transcendental. It represents the evolution into the mastery of intuition and vision. That is why these people are naturally spirited, observant, and creative. They will find themselves on a life journey of becoming an inspirational teacher, motivators, and supporters of truth in every aspect of the world they are particularly passionate about.

The number eleven is a spiritual number that symbolizes insight, truth, morality, and vision. Yet on the other side of the blade lies the danger of illusion, nervousness, and unfeeling. Having to manage their immense intellect, strong intuition, empathy, and spiritual eagerness can be overwhelming. That is why it is not uncommon for August 29 people to show traits of escapism at times. 

Virgo individuals carry the archetypal potential of being a representer of discernment, generosity, ambition, and reliability. How this likely shows in the personality of August 29 persons is shown in their imaginative adaptive approach. They are not swayed by fiction and can use their intelligence to create their sunny outlook on life and what it means to them. 

August 29 individuals are dependable individuals and thus make great friends, partners, and even mentors. Practicality is another streak of their nature that adds nicely to their reliable personality, and as they approach a person or situation, they will often be sincere and gentle. In their charming mannerism, those traits are easy to recognize because these individuals have a warming and sophisticated quality that is put into the equation of their nature by the Moon.

Intelligent and witty are two other aspects of their nature that show in their penchant for practicality.

On a more challenging note, having such tools of improvement and progression results in high standards that they live by. These people do not linger on the past and are diligent and meticulous with themselves. 

When others do not meet those valued standards such as courage or willfulness to cooperate, August 29 people can be triggered in their tendency to be perfectionists and obsessing about wanting things to go the way they intend.

Mood swings or criticizing others are some behaviors they resort to. That is why it is recommended that these people focus on themselves and not let others influence how they feel, but rather keep working on their ideals to remain inspirational and see the world change from within. 

Again, if they resort to their inner world and journey on its riches, they will become more resilient to outside influences and not feel as tempted to escape it. 

How love is experienced by persons born on August 29

With the solid nurturing influence of the Moon on people from this day, their romantic life will be sensual and emotionally charged. The Moon causes a tendency to show protective behavior over their loved one, which, if not controlled, can become overbearing or overwhelming on the other.

That comes with the typical Virgo trait of showing their loved one the much more adventurous and unconventional imagination that lives within. They remain modest to the outside world, yet to those, they trust they can be free to express their wild ideas and sometimes eccentric traits. 

As partners, August 29 people are devoted and incredibly cooperative. 

Health of persons born on August 29

Virgos are pretty receptive to the change of seasons as a mutable earth sign and remains grounded and sense-aware. That is why they quickly notice most diseases, and they have the discipline and efficiency to take good care of themselves. 

The following issues are indications and signals that there might be a lack of space and moving on: stomach or digestive issues, poor blood circulation, anemia, nervousness, insomnia, emotional distress, or asthmatic troubles.

The Moon goes through many faces with relatively quick transitions. There is a vulnerable element to their physical nature, which shows in the not so muscular build of those born under its influence. They fall sick easier than others, and they need to remain aware of their wellbeing and inquire whether or not they take enough rest.

Ideal careers for persons born on August 29

Trusting and honoring the symbolism of the ruling planets and archetypes can help realize the potential and role in the world and what kind of career opportunities are derived from such insight. The way to success becomes effortless once a person finds what truly suits them. 

Empathic, adaptable, and supportive describe these individuals best in life, but in the work field. On top of that, they are incredibly creative, persistent, and can come up with great inventive ideas. They are hard workers and can hold plenty of responsibilities. 

They have a deeply caring heart, so working for and with people suits them well. Areas that cover themes such as care and development could offer great possibilities for expansion and growth in their career.

The business world is not fitting for them, but creative and social ventures are.

Career directions: design, art, mediator, (health)-care, public relations, performing arts, counseling, coaching, or accounting.

Important historical events that happened on August 29

1526 – Battle of Mohács: The Hungarian Empire is conquered by the Ottoman Empire led by Suleiman the Magnificent in a decisive battle.

1842 – Great Britain and China sign the Treaty of Nanking, ending the Opium war.

1909 – World’s first air race held in Rheims, France.

Famous persons born on August 29

  • Michael Jackson
  • Dhyan Chand
  • Carla Gugino
  • Ingrid Bergman
  • Elliott Gould
  • John Locke
  • Charlie Parker
  • Joel Schumacher
  • Liam Payne
  • Nicole Byer

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