March 22 zodiac sign horoscope

Personality traits of persons born on March 22

Uranus is from the numerological interpretation with the number twenty-two accountable for the specification of the characteristics and typical traits in the personality of Aries individuals born on this day. 

Therefore its natural reigning celestial body Mars is influenced by numerological synchronicity. Its symbolism rules the second aspect that explains the noticeable difference between individuals falling in the same zodiacal group. 

As a planet far away from the Sun and known for its electric nature, it symbolizes the desire for change in a person’s subconscious. This results in the personality of March 22 people shown in their heightened passion for forwardness and remarkable talent for seeing victory opportunities.

These individuals are warriors in their own right who fight passionately and are determined for a better outcome in their goals, love-life, and the whole world. They are not afraid to face almost anything in life and have an inspiring role in the world with their tremendous courage. 

Ease is even somewhat dull to them. They have an aggressive go-getter attitude to life and are strongly driven by their motivations, 

With the zodiac sign Pisces still a little bit in the mix, these March 22 people can use their intuitive powers. Combined with the hard-working, strong-willed, and very courageous nature of these March 22 Arians, they can build plenty of meaningful things in life.

The ideological power of Uranus gives them the extra push to dare to step in and help wherever they are needed. It brings forth the rebellious nature of these individuals and allows for more connection to their inner desires and subconscious ideals. This is what fuels their drive. 

They also know how to spot opportunities in any situation because of their natural ability to be observant and see the bigger picture. 

At times, what blocks this ability is the aggressive or competitive attitude these individuals are susceptible to, especially when they feel disrespected or unappreciated for their faithful efforts and intentions. 

Yet, to most of the world, these people have a charismatic and enthusiastic demeanor. These people’s confidence and purposefulness have a magnetic effect on their presence. 

March 22 people can become intellectually unavailable when their feelings inside are piling up. They have trouble speaking out for their own needs and would benefit from learning to prioritize their wellbeing, for they can not care for others otherwise. 

This learning process is so crucial because it allows them to feel the humanness within themselves. Spiritually and psychically, these people are often very advanced. They become more patient, responsible, and productive if they release some of the burdens they carry for others.

How love is experienced by persons born on March 22

Unless it is excitable, eccentric, and significant love, these individuals are not interested in romance. 

They are very kind, caring, and deeply involved with the person they’re in love with. Curiosity is what draws them in, and thus it is not surprising if these March 22 people are in a relationship with someone excitable, charming, and very sweet-natured.

Seeking or thriving on challenges is a quality they won’t easily let go of. Therefore these individuals should be with someone who values forwardness and willpower as well. Moving through conflict with power and finding a cooperative way of making compromises is the romance they are looking for because it helps them learn a lot about themselves and shows actual signs of great teamwork.

Health of persons born on March 22

When speaking of a person’s health from an astrological and numerological point of view, it is essential to understand that despite external factors and other influences of their planetary positions, the symbolic description of these studies gives a pretty reliable overview of the strengths and weaknesses of their physical wellbeing. 

Aries rules the head, brain, skull, cranium, eyes, pituitary gland, and adrenals. Thus they are strengthened and perhaps require more attention as health-related issues are likely to occur in these areas when the physique is under too much pressure, stress, or other unfavorable circumstances. 

With the changeable nature of Uranus, on March 22, individuals need to make time and space for rest, integration, and allow sensuality in their life not to let their strong feelings become excessive or overwhelming.

The ups and downs experienced on an emotional plane can also cause constant worry about disease. Depression, respiratory problems, breathlessness, and heart problems are examples of issues related to these individuals’ anxiety. 

With that comes the electric impact of Uranus, which in unfavorable states of wellbeing can trigger spasms, incoordination, seizures, stress, and even accidents caused by electricity or explosion. 

Ideal careers for persons born on March 22

Trusting and honoring the symbolism of the ruling planets and archetypes can help realize the potential and role in the world and what kind of career opportunities are derived from such insight. The way to success becomes effortless once a person finds what truly suits them. 

Determined, intuitive, bold, intelligent, and gifted with great motivation describes these March 22 individuals best when it comes to their capabilities. 

Deep down, they have a humanitarian heart, and working with tactics, organization, observation, and practicality will allow them to use their warrior nature to bring forth the transformative intentions they have.  

It is hard to tell where these individuals will end up when it comes to a specific career direction. They are multi-talented, and love comes in many different ways. 

Whichever job they choose, though, will likely not be selected for financial gain but rather for the value and meaning it brings forth.

Career directions: commander, special forces, engineer, managerial, or entrepreneur.

Important historical events that happened on March 22

1622 – First American Indian massacre of Europeans

1784 – The Emerald Buddha is moved to its current place in Thailand, a grand ceremony was held

1963 – The Beatles release their first album

Famous persons born on March 22

  • Reese Witherspoon
  • Keegan-Michael Key
  • William Shatner
  • Allison Stokke
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber
  • Nick Robinson
  • Rick Harrison
  • Stephen Sondheim
  • Euronymous
  • James Patterson
  • Yayoi Kusama
  • Marcel Marceau
  • Wilhelm I
  • Charles Pfizer
  • Emilio Aquinaldo

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