October 3 zodiac sign horoscope

Personality traits of persons born on October 3

Libra’s zodiac sign rules the archetypal structure of people born on October 3. The ruling planet of this day, Jupiter, describes certain aspects of what symbolizes the meaning behind the traits of these people. These energies combined amplify the specific aspects of the personality and make them unique in comparison to the general characteristics of other Libra individuals. 

Their natural ruler is the planet Venus, which is the planet that rules a person’s sensuality, sense of justice, values, and empathic abilities. Jupiter brings influences of expansion and greatness wherever it has an impact, which on these particular individuals affects their already perceptive nature by adding on a desire for growth, free expression, and finding achievement in life.

The number three and Jupiter are closely related to each other, and both represent joy, expansion, youthfulness, versatility, and expression. That is why these Libra individuals will also show their natural archetypal role as diplomats by holding the traits mentioned above with strength and confidence. They have the best intentions at heart and use their charm and grace to persuade others into situations that allow anything to unfold to perfection.  

These people are witty, thoughtful, pleasant, honest about their motives and intentions, and great communicators. They have an aptitude for diligence and seriousness, for Jupiter also enhances the importance of the values that are held by the Libra-archetype, such as harmony, justice, and fairness. 

As a result of these values, these people are endowed with charisma, enthusiasm, and friendliness. They are a great matching opponent to any challenge. They can concur anything if they keep a clear mind and tame their overly observant, skeptical, and thus indecisive tendencies.

They do not often make mistakes as they have ample patience, efficiency, and caution. Libra is an air sign, so these people also benefit from their curious and intelligent mind, talent to be good observers, and the wisdom they can accumulate from their experiences. 

Their sense of beauty and idealism is so enhanced, and a person’s preferences change, these people are susceptible to showing mood changes. They let themselves be led by their imagination and romantic feelings, which sometimes dominate their rationality and can lead to unconscious behavior resulting in uncharacteristic exposure tendencies such as irritability when things don’t go their way or dissatisfaction when others don’t meet their new standards. 

How love is experienced by persons born on October 3

Libra people are often caring, loyal, and highly supportive in relationships. They are the kind of partners who will share unbridled adoration and generosity. That is if their partner honors their most important values of harmony and balance. Someone extreme in their dealings and harsh approach would not fit these people very well. 

Learning in life and expressing themselves freely is essential to October 3 people; that is why they need to be open-minded and carry traits of curiosity, reliability, and a willingness to be faithful. If they can feel free and remain independent with someone, they are willing and able to be good teammates.

Any type of conflict is repulsive to Libras, which is why they can be somewhat avoidant of the more challenging aspects of a relationship. If they can help and inspire their partner to remain calm and gracious, there is more chance that they are willing to work through stuff in a composed manner.

However, if their partner is more straightforward and raw in honesty, these people need to enhance their tolerance and use their skills to support their partner instead of rejecting their need to solve something.  

Health of persons born on October 3

Air is their natural element, and Jupiter ruling spaciousness, these individuals will likely benefit significantly from focussing on their breath and the wellbeing of their internal clarity. 

Mainly obstructing feelings, aggregation, and sensations of overwhelm are better to be contained and tamed, for it can affect their reactivity and the stress levels within.

The body parts that are likely strengthened or attract more focus are those ruled by Libra: the kidneys, lower back, genitourinary track, lumbar spine, and aesthetic parts such as nails, hair, and skin. Any diseases can occur in greatness because Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, symbolizing growth. Benign growths, obesity, liver or lung disorders, and problems with circulation are some issues that are related to this planet and may occur if October 3 individuals ignore their health. 

Of course, a person’s wellbeing is determined by several factors, including mental, emotional, physical, and social health. Excluding the external environmental circumstances and the further specifics of their unique chart, each individual has a systematic function with its weaknesses and strengths.

Ideal careers for persons born on October 3

Finding the best suitable career for oneself can be a long journey with one or more disappointments and postponement of true fulfillment along the way. These individuals need to use their motivation and solid inner drive to better the world in an appropriate outlet. They will become restless or lazy otherwise when they experience a lack of feeling understood or express themselves freely. 

Using the influence of Libras archetype on their inherited personality and the impact of Jupiter that brings a uniqueness to these traits can help to give insight in finding what career path most likely fits best in their life. 

Libra’s archetypal purpose and role are that of the diplomat, showing its devotion and humanitarian heart with grace and confidence while creating a space for others to be seen for their potential. 

There is a symbolism of higher education connected to Jupiter, thus pushing these people to gain knowledge in life through experience and study.

Career directions: publishing, speculative ventures, education, philosophy, advisory role, directing, design, or fashion.

Important historical events that happened on October 3

52 BC – Vercingetorix, leader of the Gauls, surrenders to the Romans under Julius Caesar, ending the siege and battle of Alesia.

1922 – First facsimile photo sent over city telephone lines.

1990 – Reunification of East and West Germany.

Famous persons born on October 3

  • Denis Villeneuve
  • Alicia Vikander
  • Lena Headey
  • ASAP Rocky
  • Lindsey Buckingham
  • Tommy Lee
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan
  • Neve Campbell
  • Al Sharpton

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