What is a crystal ball?

A crystal ball also known as an orbuculum or crystal sphere is a sphere made of rock crystal, quartz, or glass that is used by fortune-tellers to see the future.

Some believe that the future can be seen by looking into the ball and concentrating on what one wants to know. The crystal ball is said to act as a lens that concentrates the psychic’s energy so that images from the future can be seen.

The use of a crystal ball for divination is believed to date back to ancient Rome when people began using crystal balls to see into the future. Crystal gazing was a common Victorian activity that was said to work best when the sun was at its northernmost declination. The ball was believed to fog up from inside just before the emergence of an apparition.

Additionally, in the Middle Ages, crystal balls were thought to have magical powers and were used by alchemists to help them turn lead into gold.

Today, crystal balls are still used by some fortune-tellers, but most people use them for entertainment purposes only or as props. They are often used in magic shows and are considered a symbol of divination. Some people believe that if you make a wish while looking into a crystal ball, it will come true.