What is a psychic?

A psychic is a person who has the ability to perceive information about past, present, and future events through extrasensory perception; such as telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition.  

Psychics are often employed to find missing people, or more rarely, will provide information on future events. Psychics have been associated with the paranormal.

The word ‘psychic’ is of Greek origin meaning ‘soul’. Originally, it was thought that only some individuals were able to perceive this information, but nowadays psychic has come to mean anyone who possesses these abilities or at least at some point during their lifetime. Psychics are not limited by one thing only – some psychics are clairaudient and will receive messages through hearing voices in their mind. Some may be clairsentient which means they will feel physical sensations on their body when receiving messages from spirits or energies. Others might be claircognizant, which means they know things without being told.

Information can be communicated in several ways. A psychic may hear the words in their mind, see an image of what is happening, or get a feeling that something has happened. When psychics are trying to receive information about someone they focus on that person and try to link their brain, either consciously or subconsciously with them in order to channel the information.

A psychic’s job includes talking to spirits or energies around us all the time but most people aren’t aware of it, because unless you have developed your clairvoyant ability, it will seem like normal thoughts. This is why some psychics receive more messages at night when they are resting as there are fewer distractions.

Psychics are born with their abilities but they can be developed. Some people have the ability but do not use it because they fear being ridiculed or judged. The internet has made it easier for psychics to meet others who believe in the same things, so many now choose to develop their abilities after reading about other peoples’ experiences or joining one of the many psychic development groups and societies available on the web.

What should you learn if you have psychic abilities?

There is no ‘type’ of person that becomes a psychic; if you feel like you might possess some of these abilities and want to work on developing them, all psychics must first learn: 

  1. How to turn down/off the natural defense mechanisms that stop you from receiving information (psychic defenses)
  2. How to develop your intuition
  3. How to open your energy field and cleanse it regularly

In order to become a professional psychic, you must practice your abilities on a regular basis and be able to prove them with evidence to those you meet.

Owing to the fact that the term ‘psychic’ embodies many different types of people, what they do or how they experience their gifts will also vary. Not everyone has the same abilities or perceives information in the same way as another psychic person. In general, however, psychics are driven by a strong desire to help others; either through communicating with loved ones who have passed over, finding missing people, or providing guidance from spirit/energies for those who seek advice from them.

If you have been experiencing any unusual feelings lately that seem to come and go, or you’ve had dreams that seem to predict future events – the first thing that you should do is keep a dream journal. This will assist you in better understanding these feelings and allow you to recognize patterns that might indicate whether you are psychic or not.

Building on the abovementioned point, meditation can help develop your abilities because it helps quieten down the conscious mind, where all our inner chatter happens. The more time you spend meditating every day, eventually you will recognize feeling things in their bodies when spirits or energies communicate with them.