21 angel number meaning explained

If you’ve been seeing the angel number 21 a lot lately there’s a good reason why. Angel number 21, is your affirmation to break through the limitations of your conventional thinking and turn it around! Angel number 21, shows you there are more possibilities than meet the eye.

After all, doesn’t a butterfly begin its life as a worm?

The angelic message behind angel number 21, states that in order for change to happen in your life, you have to broaden your horizons in ways you may not have considered before.

Now that angel number 21 has entered your life, you must start thinking and acting like a child. Your thoughts must encompass new ideas otherwise they will slip by you as if they never happened at all.

It’s time to open up new doors, even though you may not understand what lies behind them. The angelic messages behind angel number 21, will tell you that once you step through these undiscovered doors of creativity and action (angel number 3), there is no turning back.

Angel number 21, is believed to bring protection, guidance, and the ability to overcome challenges with love, faith, and courage. It’s seen as a sign for those who feel lost to find their true purpose in life. For those trying to manifest their dreams into reality; angel number 21 is an encouraging sign that your manifestation efforts are still in full force!

Number 21, is a spiritually favored number that conveys divine guidance and angelic help.

Angel number 21, suggests that you’re being called on to strive for a higher reality and begin manifesting your dreams into reality.  Angel number 21 means pay attention to angelic insights but don’t ignore other aspects of life. This suggests you have been guided toward an important message from the angel realm.

Angel number 21, may suggest that angels are helping you during this phase; trust in their discernment. Angel numbers 1 and 2, can sometimes mean that there’s a false foundation holding up some part of your reality. This may be suggesting that you need to do some housekeeping in order to balance yourself.

Angel number 21, in your dreams, can be an angelic message to protect you from stagnation. It may reflect a divine calling. Appearing in your subconscious means that there’s something within yourself that you need to let go of past limitations.

Angel number 21, represents a lot of different things, but the main associations with 21 are expression and spontaneity. Angel number 21, reminds us that we should try to live in the moment as much as possible. Life is short and there isn’t time for regrets or overthinking about what could have been done differently in the past. It encourages us to let go sometimes and push things forward when they need pushing. It has an association with higher realms, so if you spend time between angel number 21 and angel number 22, it reminds you to trust yourself and your connection with the higher realms.

Angel number 21, is good for reminding us that we can be angelic forces of nature when we accept who we are and what our true potential is.

We should treat this angel number as comfort and a reminder of all that we have done right in life; but of our abilities and potential to do so much more for ourselves, other people, and the world at a large.