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Taurus personality

Being fixed in its Earth element, the Taurus archetype represents the grounded and steady reliability of Nature. It is the second youngest sign of the zodiac. Because of its Springtime season, like Aries and Gemini, it related to discovering the newness of life and creating inspiration, fruitfulness, and self-discovery on their path.

Kindness, sympathy, and care are perhaps the Taurus’ most precious traits, and those with this archetype strongly present in their chart will likely be known for having one of the sweetest personalities among most people.

It is a sensual sign with a strong sense-awareness. Their perceptive eye and sensitivity to others makes them often charming in their approach.

The Taurus’ role among all archetypes is to discover the meaning of value, how to develop resourcefulness, and to find or create safety in life. They desire to feel in alignment with their needs above most things. Comfort, security, nourishment, affection, and support are important factors to them, as are reliability and straightforwardness from others.

Trusting themselves and life becomes easier if they can trust their environment, which requires the presence of all the symbolic building blocks in Nature’s motherly care. Good nutrition, self-care, and beauty evolving itself, for example.

Earth signs are generally known to embody the necessary building blocks for the wealth of any natural foundation. Patience, determination, intention, and steadfastness are some of the easier to recognize traits in the personality of people with strong Taurus placements.

They can set their boundaries clearly in order to maintain and protect their safety, stability, and sanity. The protection of these values comes with strength and a head-first guarding system, just like the bull that is used as a symbol for the Taurus sign. When a Taurus is provoked or challenged, their usually very sweet and warm-hearted nature can quickly turn into a rage or tantrum.

You won’t often see an angry Taurus, yet when you do it’s best to not engage for you will likely find yourself opposing a strong-headed individual with no intention of giving in or making a compromise on their values. Their persistence and patience can be much stronger than they show in their demeanor, but remember fire can burn and will spread on an earthy surface…

Sometimes a person’s intention towards them can be perceived as an attack when it’s not due to their tendency to be overly protective. Therefore, it is very important that individuals born under this sun-sign practice their tolerance and let go of the stubbornness in their nature.

Somewhat reserved and modest about their emotions and strong feelings, it can help a Taurus individual to open up to receive the same care and support they offer if they learn to communicate their needs and ask for what they need, instead of having to solely rely on themselves. This can make them more receptive and trusting of others, which may increase the fulfillment of their sometimes-secretive desire to connect and have a supportive social network.

Once a Taurus is set in all its desires and needs, which will likely be a quickly gained position in their life, these people will show lots of affection and tender loving care to themselves and loved ones. Their optimism can be contagious, and when they feel comfortable enough to let their guard down the goof in them may awaken as well.

Taurus and love

Taurus individuals are good at being sensible, stable, and very caring partners towards their loved ones. Choosing a partner does not happen through impulsive decisions for these people, but rather with a thorough discernment of how the person they have their eye on makes them feel.

To let their guard down other people need to meet the required standards of gentleness, patience, and warm-heartedness in their character.

In matters of the heart, these individuals are practical and realistic. Yet their tendency to seek security and stability can also cause them to be possessive or jealous especially when their partner is not showing total commitment and transparency.

In romance, Taurus individuals can be somewhat mysterious; knowing what they feel or think is not always the easiest to spot.

To feel supported in their perception and experience of life, these people tend to use their persuasive powers to convince their loved ones of their own beliefs. They can be stubborn about their convictions and are likely to let a partner go before they would change their minds on important topics that determine the equality of values in their relationship.  

Taurus and career

Jobs in Nature, gardening, caretaking, art, and any form of precise work fit those with intense Taurus energy very well.

With their talent for diligence and naturally patient approach to situations, these people can be trusted to finish what they’ve started and deliver quality-based results.

Their determined spirit makes them motivated to stay on track without much complaint. That is, if everything happens on their terms, of course. There’s no denying that this archetype tends to have a stubborn nature!

Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, the Taurus archetype usually has an artistic and creative side to it. They may be interested in a career that involves higher arts and/or shows great unique skills. This archetype often excels in a specific niche and those with Taurus in their chart are very talented individuals who can master whatever they’re passionate about very easily.

Resources and luxury are attractive goals to the Taurus, and once they aim to achieve their goals it is pretty much guaranteed they will gain their desired resources. 

These people, therefore, can be very good at negotiating, saving money, and creating a life of luxury based on what feels most comfortable and secure to them.  

Taurus and health

The overall influence of Taurus on a person’s health provides a solid and stable body that is usually in a pretty good balance. They can gain weight fast, either in fat or muscle mass. If they desire to build the latter and use their determination to keep a steady exercise, these people can work on gaining a very strong body.

If these people keep a balance and do not give in to their tendency to over-indulge, they can live a long life. Balance is key, and for the lustful Taurus, it’s important to remain secure and comfortable enough to not overcompensate with any consumption.

Sometimes the privacy about their emotions can cause them to build up negative feelings they keep inside and thus create a form of neglect for their own well-being that will often show first in their physical health. Digestive problems, headaches, and back pain can be symptoms of emotional neglect. It is recommended that these people learn how to process their feelings and not to let them affect more than is needed. Some health issues can turn into long-term ailments.

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