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Leo personality

Radiant and confident in its neutral state of being, the Leo archetype is the king of the zodiac and with the Lion as its mascot also known as the ‘king of the jungle’.

Leo individuals are natural leaders and are often characterized as the most inspiring people in any group. Many will look up to this sign, and they can easily gain lots of praise for their beauty, royal demeanor, and strong personality.

Their ruling planet is the Sun, our source of light at the center of the solar system. Its shine and radiance are often visible in the personality of those with strong Leo energy in their astrological chart. Their general characteristic traits are vitality, optimism, and intensely expressive creativity.

All these qualities complement their often highly attractive, elegant, and royal demeanor as well as the role they take on in society. As a motivator, artist, and/or initiator in any form, they know how to keep those around them inspired to grow, be authentic, and enjoy the creative aspects of life by excelling in whatever talent is expressed with passion and love.

As a fixed fire sign, their presence naturally brings inspiration to those who need to be reminded of the beauty that shines from someone that is authentic, confident, and comfortable being themselves.

The fire element in the Leo’s nature makes it an assertive and vibrant being that likes to take the lead, remain an optimistic outlook in life, and is highly creative in everything it does.

With its wonderfully courageous and lively spirit, the Leo manifests itself in unique ways and carries a glow around it when its fire is free to burn.

All those with strong Leo-, Aries-, or Sagittarius-fire in their chart need to remember though that it’s important to contain and tactfully disperse their energy in righteous ways in order to let it be a warming and lively element, but not a destructive one.

Leos are just like the other fire signs very self-sufficient beings with a spontaneous streak to their attitude and a beautiful zest for life.

Especially because they are fixed in this element, Leos are passionate people who often walk around with an open heart. They can be highly generous, supportive, and great motivators to their loved ones or any person for that matter.

Yet there is also a flipside to their confidence. Internally Leo individuals can be very insecure when they are not seen for their uniqueness or given the space to establish and share the vibrant qualities of expression and leadership. When suppressed, a Leo can act out of overcompensating with pride, dominance, and an overly strident way of getting their way. One may even say they have a bossy side, shown in a selfish and overdeveloped ego in their shadowy side.

From time to time they enjoy tooting their own horn. It makes them feel good about themselves and also shows others that it is okay to be happy and content with oneself. Yet when this turns into arrogance, it can turn people off.

Knowing what they want in life, Leo individuals don’t like to waste their time and energy on those with lesser standards than them. Yet to be a good leader, it’s important that the Leo learns to become humbler and get off their high horse every once in a while. Only when they can show up for those with seemingly lesser confidence or freedom to express themselves can others trust the Leo enough to know their intentions are from a loving heart-space, not competition or dominance.

When the Leo gets too hot-headed to touch, it may be a good idea to stand back and allow them some air to cool off. They can take certain matters very personal and do not often hesitate to speak their mind freely, which is why any type of conflict is better to avoid with Leo individuals. It can burn you down to the ground when only on their own terms the fire settles.

Yet in a harmonious setting, a discussion with a Leo can greatly inspire someone, because their moral compass is solid and their integrity is in place. It would take a whole lot of injustice, disrespect, and provocation to make them angry enough to want to intentionally hurt you.

Leo and love

Perhaps known as the sexiest of the signs and being true romantic at heart, it stands to reason that Leo individuals would be ardent in the game of love.

Loving care, generous gestures, and lots of royal treatment can be expected in a relationship with a Leo. There are loyal, passionate, and warm individuals, thus naturally designed to take part in a movie-like romance.

They know their worth and take good care of themselves, which is why they expect no difference from their loved one to equally adore them as they adore themselves. Generous with affection and attention, they also need equality and will not settle for anything less.

In their sensual life, they too like to ‘be the Lion’ under the sheets and might be interested in adventurous sexuality that includes some form of role-playing in which they can express their power and strength to make someone surrender to their warm embrace.

Leo and career

With artistic talents ranging in multiple directions, any career in which the Leo can express itself freely and inspire others fits best.

Individuals with strong Leo aspects, not just as their sun sign, are well suited for a profession in the field of broadcasting, media, or writing. They are good at making themselves public due to their confidence on any stage.

Ambitious, goal-oriented, and often being highly motivated are some of their most remarkable qualities that can get them any job that helps them make the mark in the world they desire.

The Sun rules our Dharma, which is why Leo individuals under its influence likely have a strong aim to establish and manifest something influential in the world. The yearning for recognition is the result of that as well, which they need to maintain and not let bleed out into an ego-driven life but rather a purposeful one for the betterment of the collective experience on Earth.

Leo and health

On an energetic level, the Leo archetype is powerful, filled with vitality, and highly driven by an unstoppable life force. This strength shows up in the health of those born under this sun sign. Physically these individuals are often strong and athletic with a good metabolism. For that reason, their immune system is sound and they don’t catch diseases very often.

Yet their sometimes overly dominant confidence can cause them to overlook certain symptoms that indicate the development of ailment. Their usually good self-care routines tend to remain on a vein level, but looking on the inside is often forgotten.

Therefore, despite their overall good health and longevity, it is recommended that they check up on their vitals every once in a while.

And to not let their excessive amounts of energy burn them out, proper outlets for their fiery nature can help to navigate and avoid any form of burnout, stress, or overtaxing of the body.

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