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Cancer personality

Ruled by the Moon, the fastest moving celestial body in astrology that shapes our perception and emotions, and determines one’s receptivity; the Cancer sign experiences the depth of feelings in life and learns to hold a space for others by showing up with compassion, empathy, and unconditional love despite the changing of moods that they are sensitive to.

The Moon teaches us how to remain calm, clear, and receptive towards the truth of any situation in life because feeling safe and secured/anchored within can get you through even the most painful, unpredictable, and transformative experiences.

Staying centered is the key to always holding a loving space for oneself and others. That is why symbolically speaking, the Cancer water element can be visioned as a serene lake. When in complete stillness, it can purely reflect any light that shines upon it, just like the Moon does with the Sun.

Though its symbol is the crab, Cancer is also known as the mother of the signs in astrology. It’s a feminine water sign, caring and intuitive by nature. Their sensitive nature makes them very receptive to another person’s mood and emotions, which is a power that, if used righteously, can offer tremendous affection and support to the mind, body, and soul of those in need.

Pisces is the river, and Scorpio is the deep ocean. But Cancer is a Sweetwater Lake that can only be a pure reflection to those who look into it if it lies still. It is water, thus emotion, memory, and fluidity, that in whatever way it moves remains contained within the borders around it. Just like a mother holds a safe container in which she guides her children while they grow up in a safe and loving environment. The lake holds the space for the water to make any movement while always being held in one space until it finds it quietness again. This takes time and patience, which is what those with strong Cancer aspects in their astrology chart will often seek for. Especially because the intensity of feelings and perception changing can be overwhelming to their mind and body.

As people, they are typically very loyal to their loved ones, critical about whom and where they trust with their energy, and emotionally very mature.

The latter only becomes a reality when a Cancer individual feels safe and guarded in a home setting. In presence of any form of mental, physical, and/or emotional threat the crab’s claws can come out and unexpectedly pinch those that stand in their way of feeling safe and sound.

To not let their tendency to be over-protective about themselves or loved ones take charge in their life and cause a stressful fight-or-flight mode, there needs to be a development of trust in life. Only with security and reliability of the environment can the Cancer show her motherly instincts with loving care and a warming presence that shows affection, open-heartedness, and hospitable service.

Things that can cause a Cancer person to feel unsafe and thus act out in grumpy, cunning, or emotionally dramatic ways are a lack of space and/or feeling trapped, loss of loyalty from loved ones, or a lack of familiarity, structure, and harmony within their home-life.

Feeling settled and safe is essential to them, and once this is established, the most important thing in life for the Cancer archetype is togetherness. A sense of family; to be held in an environment where one can surrender with ease, count on the support of others, and be embraced with loving acceptance and unconditional respect.

On the last note, because their home life is such a focus and their decisions are often driven by emotion and moods, it’s generally quite common that Cancer people renovate and adjust their house a lot more often than most people.

Entering the door of a Cancerian’s home will almost always be like entering a safe haven. They know how to take care of their house and find practical ways to maintain a working system, and it will be in whatever theme/mood they’re feeling. Like the Moon constantly changes its position, so do their desires and preferences. It is essential for a Cancer to feel free and equipped enough to adjust their environment appropriately to their inner world. Whether that is found in their home, or the people they let into their close circle.

Cancer and love

Because Cancer individuals often develop unique high standards on what is a safe and sane environment for them, in their love life these standards will often be held up high as well. Especially later in life, when they have discovered what works for them and what doesn’t, their openness to a romantic partner can be quite elite and only there when a deep sense of trust, familiarity, and respect is established.

This takes time, which is why Cancer people are often not too quick in making a commitment. They scout out the territory first, to make sure that it’s truly safe for them to be vulnerable and not get hurt.

Their inner sensitivity is so precious and fragile that their outer shell can be quite tough. A person needs to earn their trust first before the authentic vulnerability of intimacy in a Cancer can be exposed.

In relationships, these motherly people are often very passionate, loyal, and protective. Especially a Cancer female will show unbridled care and devotion. That is if she is free to move with the flow of her vast variety of changeable moods and creative expressions. When a partner can hold that safe container, the wildness of imagination, ideas, and spontaneous adventures that they will offer can surprise and entertain anyone.

Because security and foundation are important to them, there also needs to be a practical aspect to their love life. They can be very romantic in certain moods and business-oriented in others. Someone that has the flexibility and strength to move along in all those directions would fit the Cancer individual best romantically. Stability needs to be there on all fronts. Emotionally, financially, etc.

Cancer and career

Because a Cancer individual often experiences many ups and downs internally, their life experiences can also be dynamic. This equips them with a good sense of self-reliance, resourcefulness, and independence on top of emotional maturity that makes them natural caretakers.

Even though they prefer to be and work alone, their cooperative skills can be great if they’re surrounded by people that hold similar high standards on the value of trust, integrity, and reliability.

Cancer people can be hard workers, especially when they truly care about the work they do.

A job in which they can provide any form of care, guidance, and support fits them best. They will only commit to a role if their heart is fully in it, and they are not the type of people to make exceptions or compromise. They are flexible in their emotions and compassion to others, but quite the opposite regarding their needs.

It’s not uncommon for them to jump from one job or career to another, yet when this is done out of passion and curiosity instead of fear or flight, it can only enrich their expertise and ability to do their job well.

Cancer and health

Strong-willed and in honor of their own values, Cancer people will often experience good health as a result of the proper self-care routines they learn to develop throughout life.

Just like with everything else, they need to feel secure in their body. Doing whatever it takes to maintain good health, they shouldn’t have to worry too much about catching any diseases.

Yet unfortunately, it’s more embedded in their nature to worry, and that is why it’s recommended for them to really trust their own abilities and discernment on what is good for them and whatnot.

This includes other people in their surroundings as well. Their empathic sensitivity will make them more receptive to others’ energies, whether they know it or not other people’s moods and emotions affect them.

That is why it’s important for a Cancer to maintain enough space to be alone. Not just to recharge and process all their feelings but also to cleanse themselves of negative influences from their environment.

Emotionally and mentally, this is essential to their health because Cancer rules the stomach and that’s where one digests. If they can’t separate and digest properly, either physically with their food or energetically with their emotions and thoughts, certain blockages can cause inflammation and stress. And that is for most people, especially Cancer individuals, the primary cause of disease and the development of ailments.

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