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Virgo personality

Represented by the symbol of the Virgin, the Virgo archetype is one in the zodiac that holds the structure, potential, and values of purity, innocence, and intelligence through discernment as well as righteousness from integrity.

Like the Virgin, it is innocent, pure, and untouched by previous influence and interaction from outer reality/others, thus fully connected and in touch with its personal discernment and a clear perception.

The Virgo sign is the one before Libra, which is where we experience equality and oneness with others through the intimacy of presenting ourselves in neutrality and transparency. In Virgo, therefore, one prepares and positions itself and the environment based on the knowledge of its own values and what is needed for the merge or exchange of energy to be pure, equal, purposeful, highly efficient, and clean.

This is from an esoteric astrological perspective on the value of the Virgo sign. How this essence translates in the personality of those with strong Virgo energy in their chart (as their Sun, Moon, or rising) shows in the qualities that are required for holding and embodying the position and role that are mentioned before.

Traits that are connected to the discernment they have are the analytical skills, critical eye, and focus on detail that most Virgo individuals have. They can be perfectionistic about what they do and make sure that the space that is held for any situation to occur is righteously positioned for optimal efficiency, organization, and realized potential. This makes them hard workers with a strong focus and intentional attitude. They stick to their promises, hold high standards of reliability and honesty, and do not like to waste their time or it being wasted by others.

Their clean perception is the result of unfiltered thinking, which in their character can be experienced by others as stubbornness, self-righteousness, and/or a snobbish tendency to control. Even though their knowledge is often sourced from thorough research and study, which makes their viewpoint often very factual, their arrogance around it can take away the openness and curiosity to also listen to other people’s opinions. To avoid becoming lone wolfs or socially distant from potential loved ones and friends, it is advisable for Virgo individuals to strengthen their tolerance and remain open-minded and allowance for others’ expertise. They don’t need to know it all in order to trust the things they do not (yet) master. When being a virgin in new situations, though it is good to discern the rightfulness of an environment or other person, there also needs to be a level of trust for them to simply surrender and let others take care of things or them.

Yet there is another positive aspect to their critical eye, on top of the clarity and focus of discernment, which is that their role in the collective is that of being in service. Their ability and talent to create purposeful settings can help others that aren’t as good at making righteous judgments, finishing certain tasks, or having an eye for detail and thus overlook essential factors that need to be considered.

Their work ethic is strong, and so is their moral compass as well as the ability to decide what works and whatnot.

Due to their focus and need for efficiency, Virgo individuals can lack curiosity and desire for exploration. By nature, they are not the emotional types and rather stick to concrete and factual reality rather than being reliant on or driven by intuition and feelings. These sensational aspects are easily influenced, changeable, and indiscrete, which are not Virgo’s most favorable elements to live by.

Driven by perfection and with a determination to succeed, Virgos can benefit from learning to also be content and grateful for what already exists. Whether or not they have had a saying and influence on the way things are, it is essential for their sense of happiness and quality of living to realize that perfection is found in beauty evolving itself. There is no objective measurement on what is or isn’t ‘perfect’, which can be frustrating for the Virgo that always aims to establish it. There is a great lesson to be found in accepting things as they are without judging them. This allows them also to be served by life in return for their effort, without being stuck in the belief that they can only enjoy life if they work hard for it. Some things are meant to be received unconditionally, like a person’s loving attention or the blessings and joy of simply living.

Self-sufficient, selfless, and self-aware; the Virgo’s greatest strength comes from the genuine intention that resides in their heart to show up in situations and for themselves with care, humbleness, modesty, and competence. Anyone with an unhealthy ego, stubborn naivety, and/or blunt approach might, and very likely will, repel a Virgo to an extent that they do not ‘pass’ their level of standard and therefore will not receive any of their attention or invested energy.

Virgos know very well whom they allow to come close, and who they’d rather keep at bay from their personal space.

Virgo and love

Despite their absence of emotional needs and vulnerability, Virgos can feel fragile in relationships. Especially because in their humanness they too can be overthrown by a sense of awe and attraction. This lack of control can trigger a fear to be imperfect, yet also teaches them the beauty of what life already has to offer and those that embody this newness and beauty.

In a relationship, Virgos are loyal and devoted. They will try their best to keep their partner happy and satisfied in the relationship because in their love-life too Virgos aim to show up in their best and perfect ways.

Virgin by day and kinky at night, most Virgo individuals have a way of acting out their strong ability to be in control in creative and adventurous ways as well. They remain modest in the eyes of the collective, yet their close loved ones will likely enjoy the surprise of how their expertise and mastery through practice, observation, and mastery in the more private areas of life can be expressed in the raw and primal aspects of life as well.

It is not uncommon for Virgo individuals to have a kinky side to them. 

Virgo and career

Often very organized and orderly in their ways, Virgo individuals are perfect candidates for detailed work that require a person’s accountability, responsibility, and mastery of expertise. 

Detailed-oriented jobs such as engineering, accounting, medicine, or auditing are often occupied by individuals with strong Virgo traits.

When these people face any problem, they’re the first to step up and bring forth brilliantly intelligent ways of approaching the resolution-finding necessity to move forward.

Science-related fields that deal with lots of numbers and data can either scare, repulse, or complicate the minds of people lacking earthy elements in their chart. Yet for the Virgo these tasks are a great outlet of intellectual stimuli and release of their controlling tendency. Being given the opportunity to be the sole responsible person for any important job that needs accurate measuring, is an honor and joy to receive for them. 

Managerial positions can be taken on by Virgos if they have a set of social skills in their toolbox. When this is not the case, you’ll likely find them working either alone or in nature. It is after all an Earth sign closely related to the material reality of life. Their patience, persistence, and carefulness give them very green fingers and affinity with the growing process of organic life.

And last but not least, it is worth mentioning the powerful intelligence of their mechanical brain. Not only can Virgo individuals quickly analyze the structure of any system, but also easily improve or repair it by spotting any malfunctions within a second.

Virgo and health

Purity and cleanliness are important values for Virgo people. For this reason, it is expected that they maintain overall good health by keeping a balanced diet, personalized health-care routine, and staying away from toxic substances or energies.

Their health, in general, is good, and not often requires too much medical assistance because they have a knack for proper self-maintenance and analysis. Symptoms that indicate early stages of any disease won’t easily slip their awareness as a result of their thorough observation and focus in life.

Virgos are considered masters of living in accordance with the will of Mother Nature. Their intuition therefore will almost always guide them in the right direction when it comes to decision-making on how to use their body and when to give it rest.

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