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Aries personality

These spirited rams are the first sign of the zodiac. Everybody knows that Aries is number one, and it’s no surprise since these bullish individuals dive headfirst into any situation. Like Leo and Sagittarius, they’re a passionate leader who has an unfaltering determination to build community with others along their way. They often get frustrated by exhaustive details or unnecessary nuances in life, which can be off-putting for many people around them; this uncomplicated approach might have something to do with why some see them as overly tough on themselves or cold when dealing with other emotions but make sure not let your guard down because once you’ve seen how genuine they truly are, then there really isn’t anything wrong. With the arrival of Spring, Aries leads a new season on Earth. These signs are creative and optimistic with an impulsive p

As the first sign of the zodiac, the Aries archetype is one that symbolizes new beginnings and the birth of life. The evolution of a human lifetime initially starts because of this sign’s symbolic drive and willpower for creating life with an enthusiasm to learn, lead others into their Authentic Self, and become the pioneer of new ages arriving. 

It is a cardinal sign, meaning that it symbolizes the start of a season, which in their case is Spring. 

Aries brings a newness to Earth; therefor it is unfiltered, optimistic, open, and very vital in its masculine energy. That is why individuals born under this sun sign are often recognized for their straightforwardness and never seizing ready-to-go attitude. 

As the first archetype of the zodiac, and thus the youngest, their role in the combined/co-creative construct of each sign’s purpose is to inspire and motivate the world by showing up in situations or to others with courage, being honest, innocence in their intentions, and a deeply genuine presence in any connection/relationship.

The fiery nature and assertive attitude towards life of Aries make people with this sign strongly habitant in their birth chart, generally known as courageous individuals with lots of drive, enthusiasm, excitement, and determination in life. 

They often dive headfirst into new situations and bring in youthfully refreshing energy to the table. 

Just like the other fire-signs in the zodiac, Leo and Sagittarius, this archetype is passionate by nature and shows strong leadership skills. Their unfaltering determination to build community with others along their way is representative to their warrior-spirit. Aries individuals often look for companionship, not just to stand strong with allies but also because they are internally very sensitive and affectionate individuals. They desire and appreciate togetherness with like-minded and motivated people because as the youngest of the signs they also need to be inspired by appropriate role models and have enough care and attention from others so they can release and learn from their many stories and adventures. 

Was that mentioned yet? The Aries archetype is a very free spirit, it seeks freedom to blossom above anything else! The stories they can tell you…  

For the Arian the most important intention behind life is to move forward and expand. That is why they often need to learn to pick their battles wisely, because their impulsive nature tends to lead them into trouble from time to time. 

Yet this too strengthens their already resilient character, which one can see in how great the Arian deals with challenge. Victories are their forte; they always make it out of any difficult situation alive and simply tweak their perception in such a way that they quickly learn from their mistakes and understand the tools of tactics handed over to them. 

People with this archetype in their personality will not be afraid to make mistakes and are instead very eager, curious to learn, and enthusiastic about becoming stronger. 

The one and perhaps only thing that fears them is to disappoint someone they look up to. 

This archetype values loyalty, willpower, and self-authority with a strong honor and therefore cherish any relationship with someone that meets these standards deeply.

To gain an Arian’s respect all one needs to be is Authentic. If a person is straightforward and truthful with them, the Aries will stand by as their number one cheerleader. 

Having an Aries by your side is a guarantee for receiving support, inspiration, and encouragement in your life.

Yet what truly repulses this sign is unnecessary use of time, space, and energy. They do not like procrastination, lying, playing games, indecisiveness, or anything that could potentially stand in their way, pull them aside from their straight path, or slows them down in any endeavor. 

That is why often others can observe an impatient, egocentric, and somewhat rough edge in the Arian’s personality. 

Learning to accept failures and compromise for their strong-willed and headfirst approach can help the Aries archetype to find a balance in life between how much they share with others and how they can show up for themselves in more caring and loving ways. That way, instead of provoking others with their fiery spirit, the Aries can be the true inspiration that it is. 

The best way to lead is by example.

Aries and love

Aries is a fiery sign that loves to take the lead in romance. They’re quick to move when they catch

With the Aries archetype’s most important value of trust and straightforwardness on top of its desire to connect, it is logical to understand that once an Arian catches someone’s eye or has one on them romantically, they are quick to move and receive or show openness, authentic conversation, and lots of excitement once the ice is broken. 

In relationships, Aries people will likely show their passionate love language by initiating lots of adventures and journeys of growth. 

Open communication and mutual learning are important to them. That is why in romance Aries people are often willing to compromise as long both individuals remain independent, honored for their needs and rights, and unconditionally supported. 

Affection, cooperation, and loyalty are some of the most important elements of a relationship to this sun sign’s nature.

Aries and career

Inspired with optimism and creative potential, the Aries archetype with its active mind has an infinite source of ideas plugged in. And as such, their intentionality and fruitful idealism make them great leaders who are best at spearheading projects. Their revolutionary, assertive, and edge-cutting nature can greatly inspire their work environment, especially when the job area is based on the values of support, service to the collective, and originality. 

With their nature being so impulsive and excited, the Aries can sometimes lose track of priorities and takes on too many projects as a result of their motivated solid spirit. Either that or they change their idea and interest to something else without finishing their prior work. 

That is why they function best in the role of being either an adviser, inspirational source, or leading manager.

And if no work-environment suits their needs for movement, improvement, and freedom, it is very likely that an Arian individual will be self-employed. 

Ambitious as they are, Aries people often show great team-player qualities and can get a lot done if they have a support system around them of colleagues who can take charge of the nuts and bolts of things. Arians don’t like to waste their energy on matters that do not inspire and enrich them, so instead, they keep their creative mind charged and in charge of situations by staying focused on the goals and next steps in any process. 

Jobs that require bold, assertive, and cooperative individuals would fit this archetype as well. 

Aries and health

Aries are known for always leading with their heads. Ask any Aries if they’ve ever had a head injury, a concussion, or scars on or about the head somewhere, and you’ll find that most of them will say

With Mars being the ruling planet of Aries, its nature contains strong movement in several ways, including their health. 

Mars is the planet that symbolizes action, desire, and instinct. And with its energy strongly influential over their system, Arian people will often have an aggressive edge to their actions. Their mental processes can be (too) quick, their immune system is (sometimes overly) responsive, and their emotions can be strongly felt. 

Forward is the way to go and to move at such speed and focus the mind needs to be very active and present, which is not always easy for these individuals to maintain.

Being so charged in their mind, Aries individuals will likely have experienced some form of head injury, concussion, or scars on or around their head. Yet their head-strong nature can also cause more internal, thus mental, issues arising. 

If an Aries has not experienced any head injury, it is likely that they have been through some form of psychological processes in their life, just like most other people. Yet for the Aries archetype, any form of therapy may be more likely to have been necessary in their life’s development, because whether on an energetic, cellular, or psychological level; these people’s heads are often the most prominent body part that requires attention along the way. 

Those who lead their life with lots of excitement and forward movement can also experience pressure in any form. The adrenaline distribution of Arians can be strongly dynamic and lead them to moments of intense emotions that involve aggression or anger. 

On their overall health, this can have long-term effects such as traumatic responses in the nervous system, a throbbing blood pressure, or a lack of proper care to heal older wounds that may create a memory in the body which contributes to ailments arising further along on their path.

It is advisable for Aries people, who will often have an athletic and healthy build, to also check in with a doctor from time to time, even if their health seems to be okay. 

Though the physical realm of the Aries archetype is strongly built, their mental and emotional wellbeing is more vulnerable than one may assume. 

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