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Aquarius people are born are between January 20 and February 18. The Aquarius zodiac sign is represented by the water bearer, a symbol of innovation and creativity. People who are born under this sign share certain traits like being friendly and generous with their time.

Aquarius personality

Aquarians are often misunderstood, but they have a personality that is worth understanding. Aquarius people can be described as independent thinkers who are very creative and progressive when it comes to their ideas. Aquarians also tend to be more sensitive than other zodiac signs, which means they may need time alone from time to time to recharge. Aquarius is an air sign with personality traits that include intellectualism, creativity, independence, originality, and non-conformity. Aquarians have an open mind and can be very friendly to others; however, they do not like to take orders from others or feel obligated to follow society’s norms.

Aquarius and love

Aquarius is one of the zodiac signs that are known for their independence. Aquarians love to be in relationships, but they want a partner who will not try to control them or dominate them. Aquarians are also very sexual and can be romantic at times, even if it’s just with themselves! Aquarians need to feel free to do what they want at all times, even if it means not getting along with their partner sometimes. Aquarius love relationships are usually filled with laughter and fun, but sometimes Aquarius can get bored easily if they feel like they’re not learning anything new or experiencing something different.

Aquarius and career

Aquarians are known to be different. They’re independent and original thinkers who can’t stand being bored or doing things that don’t interest them. This zodiac sign has an analytical mind and excellent critical thinking skills. Aquarians are thinkers who can see both sides of any argument, which makes them natural mediators and negotiators. These traits make Aquarians good candidates for careers in law, psychology, or education.

Aquarius and health

The health of this sign is often complicated by their high intelligence. They can be a little insensitive to other people’s emotions and needs as they have trouble understanding them, which might lead Aquarius into some odd behavior. This sign is also very strong-willed and opinionated so it’s important for Aquarians to take care of themselves physically in order to remain healthy during these times because there are many ways the Aquarius personality could affect their health negatively without even knowing.

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