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Aquarius personality

As a fixed Air sign, the Aquarius archetype is in astrology known and appreciated as the most observant, independent, and ‘cool’ character.

Their presence is often inspiring and refreshing because, on top of their insightful nature and gifts of natural wisdom, Aquarians are also very easy-going people who know what works for them and do not bother wasting their energy on anything else. This keeps them in a steady sense of contentment for most of their life and steers them away from unwanted complaints or complications.

They are good on their own, balanced in their approach, gracefully acceptant of almost anyone, eccentric in their lifestyle, and intellectually very driven to achieve or remain a steady sense of maturity.

In the Aquarius part of the evolutionary cycle, we become one with all that exists and is experienced by humans so far, by observing and alchemizing each aspect of reality as it is. Having regret, criticizing life, or hopefully waiting for a change or savior are states of being that are not within the Aquarian’s lifestyle choices. Instead of suckling on what is wrong, they focus on how to improve what already and undeniably is, and do so with a fair sense of responsibility.

From an astrological perspective, we see in Capricorn the ‘climbing of the mountain’, while Aquarius is the one standing on the top overlooking the manifestation of life on the surface below.

Being able to see all that happens from such a broad-viewed perspective allows them to not only remain clean and unharmed from the stories of others, but also intelligent and up-to-date due to their talent to connect dots and observe the psychological, emotional, and intellectual dynamics that cause trouble.

Naturally scientific, the Aquarius has the power of innovation and resolution-finding skills. They can reach the blueprint of life from their personal observations, and understand the system that exists to then see what is needed to improve it.

Some astrologers refer to Aquarians as ‘the hippies of the zodiac’, because they often live a life that is free (or minimally influenced) by any conformities and mental conditioning. Their life is often based on the values of community, co-creativity, and a spiritual mindset rather than a capitalistic one.

Aquarius individuals do not allow themselves to be easily programmed and convinced of anything else than what they are able to know from personal experience and insight. They often consider the freedom of their thinking an essential priority in life, which is why they don’t easily let others control or dominate them.

They tend to break free from old paradigms or cultural limitations early in life and find themselves on an authentic path of self-discovery, creativity, and manifesting their progressive visions in the world.

To see as much as they can is not always a gift. It can also cause them a sense of grief and sadness about how certain systems are currently being used in destructive, exploitative, and greedy manners.

The Aquarian’s deepest desire is to innovate the world in ways that bring everyone closer, instead of separated. They crave community, connection, and the intelligence of a steady network that can provide freedom, abundance, and security to everyone.

The ruler of this archetype is the planet Uranus, which is one that gravitates far away from the Sun and thus rules a subconscious part of our existence. Uranus is an electric planet that in astrology indicates the effective influence of certain rebellious motives that reside in the more hidden parts of our psyche. This planet brings change, which requires insight, innovation, consent, destruction, and stamina to rebuild. All the qualities that Aquarians cherish in their humanitarian heart.

These people pay less attention to the drama and ego-centered satisfaction in life, and instead, focus on how they can assist the world and make it a better place for themselves and others.

Aquarius and love

Though Aquarians can be romantics by heart, they value their independence strongly and will not often feel satisfied in an all-consuming relationship.

For them, the intimacy leading to a deeper connection and understanding of one another is worth the time and effort made to cozy up with a loved one. Yet the conformity of a labeled relationship in which it is expected from them to show up in a certain way is often not their preference.

Aquarians are more flexible in dealing with the changeable nature of life and relationships. This is why a disagreement with their partner is not something they’re afraid of, but instead a sign to have more space. From this example, it becomes understandable that being in a romantic connection with an Aquarius individual can be a great journey of individual growth, support, and expansion. But will not be a dramatic story because before it can turn into one the Airy nature of the Aquarius has already drifted them away from unwanted complications.

They’re fine with making compromises and facing challenges, as long it does not turn into an immature and emotionally extravagant fiasco.

Laughter, fun, and beautifully loving gestures will all be created by an Aquarian in love. They have a natural free spirit, are eager about learning in life, and will therefore show tremendous generosity, affection, and compassion to their loved one(s). As long as they remain free to roam in the direction of where the wind takes them.

Aquarius and career

Often known and recognized for their eccentric streaks, Aquarius individuals fit their demeanor well because they are some of the most creative, innovative, and original thinkers of the zodiac.

They dislike a sense of boredom or repetition and often desire a strengthening sense of purpose and fulfillment in life as they widen their arms to the rest of the world.

Whatever an Aquarian does for work, it will likely have roots in humanitarian intentions. However, this job looks will be unique to each individual born under this sign.

But in their best position, they utilize their observant thinking, neutral and compassionate approach towards others, and futuristic mindset to better the world in whatever way they consider most creative, rebellious, and effectively inspirational.

Aquarius and health

As an air sign, it is important for Aquarians to focus on their breathing and make sure they have enough (head-)space to digest their many observations and experiences.

From the perspective of their mental health, it is essential that they take good care of themselves and not get overly detached from things that matter. Their lack of worry and sometimes authoritarian approach to the things they disagree with can cause a sense of harshness within that causes them to neglect themselves.

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