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Libra personality

Finding a balance of living and maintaining harmony between self and other is what we discover in the house of Libra, the 7th of the zodiac and therefore precisely in the middle. It is a sign that rules the neutrality of the chart, and if you were to see the cycle of all signs as a harmonious line, Libra finds itself right in the middle on the baseline of truth.

This sign is both masculine and feminine by nature, thus embodying the balancing scale of any seemingly opposing polarity. Being in the middle means that they are able to remain unbiased towards their outer reality and have a way of gluing their surrounding in such a way it turns into the perfect picture of togetherness, unity, and serenity.

Libras are great alchemists, and those with strong Libra energy in their chart can act based on thorough discernment and sensitivity to what is needed and why. Showing up in such neutrality to their environment is how they keep a balance between life, others, and themselves. By utilizing this gift of acceptance and genuine inclusiveness, they inspire the world with the grace of living in harmony with all beings. For this reason, Libra individuals are often considered some of the most sympathetic of all signs who likely take on a mediating role in any group of friends or colleagues.

As an air sign, it’s within the Libra’s nature to be observant and independent. You can’t ‘grasp’ this element, which is why internal freedom is very essential to those ruled by it. They prefer to remain adaptable in every situation and have the (head-)space to move as they like, whenever they want.

This is why most Libras despise any form of conflict. Disharmony is immature to them and destructive to their idealistic experience of life. Obstacles within communication simply seem unnecessary for them, especially because the Libra understands that a difference in truth is an opportunity for creativity, not a reason to compete or be disagreeable for the sake of wanting to be ‘right’.  

They’d rather maintain conversations and interactions with others based on intellectual openness, emotional maturity, and mutual respect in which every person’s presence is valued with honor.

Libra being a sign within the modality of cardinal energy, it symbolizes the wind. Refreshing and forward in movement, the Libra archetype knows how to purify the space around them and give everyone around them a renewed perspective. Their often intelligent and courteous approach to situations makes them trustworthy beings with a good sense of justice and fair judgment. They have an observant eye, big heart, and innate drive to bridge different sources of truth and treat them equally to then know for sure that any action taken as a result is decided righteously.

Ruled by the planet of love, beauty, and harmony, Venus invokes a strong sense of artistic value in Libra individuals. They desire to beautify the world around them above anything else, which starts with treating nature and people with respect and seeing the best in everything to encourage potential all around them.

They can be great motivators to their loved ones, especially because their cardinal energy also has an assertive streak to it.

Libra is an archetype known for its seemingly indecisive nature. To others, they may lack the assertiveness to take action. Yet what this archetype is teaching us is to be present with all factors that make up our reality to see where and how we can maintain or enhance our balance.

Only in equilibrium can we see things clear enough to have the discernment to make decisions based on integrity and higher intelligence.

To be in balance, everything in our life needs to be weighed out equally. Justice, fairness, and peace are Libra’s most precious values.

It knows that when we are in harmony with the perfect balance of nature, we get to beautify the world through artistic innovation, co-creative endeavors, cooperation and working things out, release of competition, and overall a serene experience of life.

That is why the Libra is more assertive than you may think or perceive.

Libra is the judge, there to allow both polarities (internal world and outer world, self and other, feminine and masculine, etc) to show up fully in their position so that there can be a judgment made in response to the truth.

This judgment, when made with the intention to create justice, will lead to the realization of how righteous action can meet both sides in their needs, teach them what they’re ready to be taught, and simply release the ‘self’ and ‘other’ in the right direction so they each may blossom further on their path.

Libra and love

Libra knows that unless you are in your heart, there are no highs and lows to rise or fall into. When they are strong within their sense of self, Libras are great teachers that show the essential requirement of balance in whatever situation you find yourself, high or low, aim for the truth, find harmony with life, and return to your heart.

That is where the truth resides and helps us remain centered to not go too high and lose touch with reality, or too low and experience self-annihilation. ‘Balance is key’, therefore, is the motto of their archetype! And because of their important teaching about an intimate relationship with everything outside of the ‘self’, they make amazing partners in romance and long-term relationships.

They are highly giving when in love, always open to making fair compromises, and focused on keeping their loved ones happy.

Clear communication, mutual independence, and honesty are essential elements of a perfect relationship for Libras.

Libra and career

Creative by nature, Libra individuals can bring lots of innovative ideas and elegance to their personal life or career. They like to decorate the environment around them and use their sense of aesthetics very appropriately when there is space and resources for it.

With a sense of enthusiasm and optimism in their nature, Libras can be very excitable to start something new. Whatever it takes for them to accomplish something, they’ll dive in headfirst, after some thorough decision-making of course.

It can be easy for a Libra to establish themselves in a position that is well-respected by society. Law, politics, or higher education are fields that they enter with ease because of their natural talent to balance opposing viewpoints with impartiality and diplomacy.

Yet when their negotiating skills are not a part of their desired career, it’s likely that they’ll end up in a creative and social field such as the hospitality business, humanitarian projects, arts, or design.

Libra and health

Because balance is so important to them, they can maintain it on a physical level as well, or at least quickly notice a newly occurring disease when there’s a lack of it.

Most often Libra people experience problems with their back, stomach, or digestive organs in life. Their lower back especially is a soft spot for them, and it is recommendable for them to keep the flow of energy and blood in their body at a neutral level. Any spike in blood sugar, for of over-working the body, or mental distress can quickly make them ache.

Massages are very important to have occasionally, to make sure no obstacle keeps them from flowing freely even on a cellular level. 

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