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Pisces personality

The cyclical nature of evolution always has a starting point and an end. In astrology, the Aries sign represents the birthing of life and new beginnings, while the Pisces archetype represents the end of a cycle and thus; transcendence, transformation, and self-undoing. 

As the ‘oldest’ of the signs, those with strong Pisces energy are often highly compassionate and aware of other people’s feelings and experiences. Through this symbolic value, one can state that they have ‘been through it all’ and naturally inherit a strong sensitivity, intuition, and empathy to life. 

Pisceans have an uncanny ability to deepen their connection with others and understand their emotions better than most people can. This makes them natural healers with a warm-hearted approach, incredible patience, and openness to truly listen. 

Their gift allows them to guide others in the right direction and inspire those in need to make appropriate life choices that enhance self-care, self-love, and creative freedom. Keeping these 3 latter values with honor is one of the Piscean’s most precious traits.

Spirituality and mysticism are often easily accessible territories for Piscean individuals. They have no problem spending time alone and sitting with feelings in their truest depth. Moving with the ever-transforming flow of their energy and self-awareness, Pisces people feel more than most others can, which is a gift because it makes them more compassionate, wise, and creative than those with a more ‘general’ emotional depth. 

Yet this immense sensitivity can make them also feel the pain-body that many individuals, or even the collective experience. To feel so much can become a burden, which is why unfortunately many Pisces people also have a tendency towards escapism when the pain becomes too intense. They either experience one or more periods of substance abuse or emotional trauma throughout their life. When this happens, they have to heal from such damage which can be a long and dreadful journey that brings up internal existential turmoil, depression, and/or mental disorder.

Fortunately, though, these individuals are often very well supported by their environment and can transcend their darkest moments by moving through them with courage, determination, and intention.  

As ‘wounded healers’, they can understand what others go through and unconsciously tend to absorb their sometimes lower frequencies such as fear, sadness, or grief. 

Because they know the suffering of others to such an extent, Pisces people are also often the least hypocritical individuals who instead have an unconditional acceptance of almost everyone. 

This is both a virtue as well as a trap. Their blind acceptance can make them attract ill-willed people, which sometimes leads them to being taken advantage of for their kindness. 

But it also turns them towards a life on the right side of history, because they often face the symptoms of a ‘diseased’ humanity and are reminded to return to their sense of integrity. 

The Pisces archetype is ruled by the planet Neptune, the celestial body that rules our subconscious idealism and dream-world. Akin to this influence, Pisces people are often more present in their own dream-world and imaginative thought processes rather than the concrete reality around them. 

Neptune also creates illusion, which is where the path of Pisces becomes tricky. To transcend all that they feel, it is sometimes essential that they take a leap of faith and simply release themselves from certain beliefs, convictions, or identities as they have become a relative illusion to the changeable nature of reality.

Being so connected to the old (whether through experience or by belief in a paradigm) results in a strong sense of nostalgia which is another aspect of their Pisces’ personality. 

Pisces and love

Pisces are a unique bunch. They are sensitive and intuitive, and we love them with all of our hearts.

Due to their unbridled sense of acceptance and care, Pisces people are usually giving individuals who crave to experience such love being returned by a loving partner. Dreaming about the perfect relationship and romantic adventure is often where the Pisces travel to during one of their moments of daydreaming. 

Someone that can hold non-judgmental space for the Pisces who have many emotions and doubts throughout life, is essential for them to feel safe enough to truly surrender in a loving relationship. 

These people are forgiving and kind, which makes them beautifully loving partners. The lucky one who gets to be in an intimate relationship with a Pisces should not underestimate the depth and truthfulness of their devotion. To a Pisces, generally spoken, love is the most important thing in life and through both bliss and heartache, they discover the depths of connection with more focus than most people do. 

They can be shy and reserved when it comes to their love life, but they’re also highly romantic and sensitive to those who made it past their somewhat maze-like and complicated emotional barriers. 

Pisces and career

Pisces are usually artistic and creative people with a great sense of imagination. Pisceans love to be

Imaginative, creative, and deeply invested with the wellbeing of others, Pisces people can often find themselves in a career path of role in society that includes one or more of the following aspects; art, healing, guidance, psychology, spirituality, and connection.

Pisceans often prefer to work in an intimate environment and be surrounded by others who share similar values. 

They need to be free to express themselves and follow their intuition unapologetically, especially because a life based on rational decision-making simply does not fit their archetypal purpose.

Pisces people make for great counselors, teachers, nurses, therapists, artists, and musicians. Basically, any career involving human connection and any form of spiritual growth would fit them best. 

Pisces and health

For Pisces, balance is key in all the aspects of their life including their physical wellbeing. Having enough rest on top of appropriate outlets to keep their mind clear and emotions regulated is very important. 

Any form of stress and internal imbalance can have drastic effects on their health. They are so sensitive that even the smallest toxic influence can harm their wellbeing and result in physical neglect or ailment. 

The key to finding long-term good health and more resilience is for Pisceans to own their self-responsibility and strengthen self-discipline to take action-based measures to take care of themselves. Waiting things out and/or having naïve faith in things eventually working out, is one of the most dangerous downfalls that can lead them to mental, emotional, or physical suffering and disease. 

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