Chiron in Sagittarius meaning explained

Many people preach the lessons in life that represent the value of the astrological house and the sign that determines the position of Chiron in their chart.

It is not uncommon that people to teach what they need to learn themselves.Most people likely know the situation of being able to give advice, yet not following up on it themselves. Well, this phenomenon is related to Chiron, the wounded healer in astrology.

Chiron’s purpose in the astrological birth chart is to bring self-awareness and honesty to the parts of ourselves that we feel vulnerable about. Chiron’s position is often a sensitive area in life. Yet being transparent and working on understanding our insecurities can heal wounds because it brings compassion to realize that nobody is perfect, including yourself.

Everyone struggles with something, so to have a wound you can’t heal from humbles you to have the realization that just like yourself, everyone struggles at times and needs the support of others. This unites everyone and closes the gap of Chiron’s wound, which in essence is related to feeling split between life on earth in the flesh, and existence as a Divine being. We have both qualities, like Chiron, and need to learn how to bridge them. What wounds we can accept in ourselves, we learn to heal in others and can help the world get rid of the pains we each know.

The challenges that come with Chiron are very different from those of Saturn. With Saturn, the lessons can be sore and cause defensive reactions in those who are confronted with their own lessons. With Chiron, the teaching is more loving and sensitive. It is there not to discipline us, but rather to find wisdom in places where one can feel shy, shameful, or guilty. This humbles the ego and strengthens one’s ability to be non-judgmental toward others.

The wound to carry in Sagittarius

In mythology, Chiron is symbolized in the sky by the constellation of Sagittarius so logically, the 2 archetypes are closely connected. Both Chiron and Sagittarius are centaurs, half human and half horse. They are truth-seekers who travel beyond borders to find wisdom, knowledge, and a deep understanding of the world.

Yet as the wounded healer, Chiron in Sagittarius carries a wound related to beliefs, conviction, religion or other concepts that rule a person’s perception of the world. Perhaps these people even experience difficulty in having faith in themselves or a higher power.

Wounds related to truth, morality, and purpose can be deeply felt by Chiron because in his nature he is an academic and medical man. To struggle with belief structures, philosophical questions, definitions of essential truths, and the containment of energies is not easy because these people tend to fall prey to fanaticism.

Their self-expression can be polarizing, blunt, or offensive without meaning it. They tend to intensely adopt and then suddenly drop all manner of institutions, often caused by taking life too seriously and having an intense craving for meaning and belief in something greater than themselves.

Even though Chiron in Sagittarius champions free thinkers and encourages everyone to seek their truth and personal philosophies, these people can still feel somewhat lost in this realm themselves.

The power of positive thinking and manifestation is highly praised, but knowing what to believe in and why can be a difficult road because Chiron in Sagittarius lost his inner guide. He struggles to find his truth and gain life experience, despite the many brilliant ideas about life’s meaning and purpose.

Disconnection from beliefs and ideas can cause them to feel insecure and ashamed about their preaching, even though it helps other people tremendously in trusting their unique vision of the world.

Chiron in Sagittarius truly empowers others to see things with an open-minded attitude and non-judgmental point of view. But the trouble he experiences with having and expressing his own convictions is a sore spot.

Your key resolution

Finding beauty and acceptance in our imperfections is key to understanding how to trust ourselves.

In Chiron, you don’t necessarily learn from your mistakes as in Saturn, which is a karmic planet. Chiron is a point of vulnerability like the symbolic Achilles heal. So here you heal the deepest wounds by opening them up in vulnerability. Exposing the deep-seated wound of your subconsciousness makes you compassionate towards others who may struggle with such or other things. And on top of that, learning how to accept your imperfections builds character and that allows other people to trust you more.

For those with Chiron in Sagittarius, it is essential to keep an open mind and develop the art of listening. Their tongue is often well-trained to judge and share opinions. Yet learning how to close their wound by listening more enhances the humoristic side of their otherwise blunt expression. It is spontaneous, authentic, and original if they can use humor as a way to express themselves.

Long-distance travel and expansion beyond one’s familiar borders can be scary, even though these people know the benefits of how traveling broadens the mind. Daring to take some more risks and have a bit of faith in life to leap every once in a while. Will help these people realize that their well-given advice to open-heartedly discovers the world actually had a lot of power.

Lastly, they must surround themselves with friends, co-workers, and family members that include hope, faith, and belief in a higher power in their lives. This will properly inspire these people to regain trust in their own explorative minds instead of only preaching to others to discover the mysteries of the truth.

Wholeness comes from being philosophical, having eloquent conversations, being persuasive, spontaneous, and expansive, and lastly, being excessive like the Sagittarian fire in the most positive ways.