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Scorpio personality

Describing the personality traits connected to the Scorpio archetype is a very exciting yet rather difficult job. This sign is known as the magician of the zodiac, therefore tricky to understand from a personal experience, yet fascinating to observe from an astrological point of view.

Scorpion people are some of the most intriguing individuals who in their own mysterious ways have an allure to them that is attractive for several reasons.

Their intense nature goes beyond the fiery power of the fire signs’ passion for life, because as a water sign Scorpions are passionate in a more emotionally fanatic and determined way. Their strong drive shows in deep devotion, true loyalty, and sometimes an almost obsessive manner towards whatever grasps their attention.

Ruled by Mars, the planet of action and desire, and Pluto, the planet of transformation, these people have movement in two highly forceful directions within their nature. Pluto pushes them to discover the edge of how far they reach for any experience in life. And Mars makes them determined, excited, and passionate to do so.

Scorpio people, therefore, often have fearlessness in their character and can go to extremes with certain things without there being a way to stop them.

These people because of their strong intuition and sensitivity towards life, often know very well what it is they want to do and achieve in the world. The reason for this is that as a fixed water sign, Scorpios’ territory is the deep dark underwater world. They are at home in the unseen parts of life, and this archetype is the only one that can discover what grows beneath what we know as a collective on the surface of planet Earth. Therefore, Scorpions are known as magicians; seeing in the dark allows them to understand and master the true art of manifestation and creating their reality from a deep inner knowing and almost secretive connection to the ‘Divine’.

Whether they know it or not, Scorpio individuals have a knack for metaphysics and are easily comfortable around mystical topics and spirituality. This pushes them to unconsciously be strongly driven by purpose, and a wish to transform the world.

Because of this depth in experience and receptivity to the reality of life, Scorpios have a strong sense of truthfulness. Their judgment and observation go beyond rational thinking or emotional experience and is more accurate than logical. It comes from a mysterious layer that not many know about, which is why it is extremely important that Scorpions live by, and act based on, the value of integrity.

When their heart is not open or they feel threatened in any way, like the Scorpion they can give a vicious sting that causes lots of regret to the one attempting to step on them. In their personality, this occasionally shows up in a ruthless and unapologetic harshness that results in a grudge that they hold on to with a tight grip.

They are masters of fine-tuning their perception, sensuality, and energetic exchange of their own beliefs and intentions. Though this is a great strength, if such tools end up in the wrong hands, manipulation and ungranted dominance/control become a shadowy tendency and dangerous attribute to have. It can especially affect emotionally vulnerable people around them in a negative way.

But besides this possibility of misusing their power, its potential is a quality of competence, nonetheless. One with beautiful opportunities for psychological or emotional healing, and the rich teachings about life that can be found in their innate soulful knowing and the wisdom from which Scorpios source their ideology, philosophy, and sensual openness.

This is a reason why most Scorpio individuals have a somewhat secretive aura around them. They prefer to keep their thoughts and emotions private until it’s thoroughly discerned that they can expose themselves to those they truly trust their truth with.

Scorpios often dislike wasting their time or being surrounded by people they don’t vibe with. They much rather invest their precious energy into those that fascinate them, and in conversations or experiences that deepen their experience and feelings about life.

The magnetic pull that most Scorpio people have is the result of this mysteriousness they embody. It becomes intriguing to others when a person has a strong and noticeable presence like a Scorpio, yet nothing to identify this mystery with. They have a silent power, even though they also tend to enjoy being mysterious because it makes others curious about them. They like that attention, especially because deep down they know that their rich imagination and accurate intuition bring a lot of valuable information to the table. Like a magician, they are excited to show the tricks they keep up their sleeves!

Scorpio and love

Those born under the Scorpio sign are highly driven by their senses, which makes them some of the most sexual beings. Passion, devotion, and deep soulful care are some aspects that can be expected from being in relationship with a Scorpio.

For their big heart and deep passion for intimacy, a relationship can be all or nothing for them. A person who is receptive to their giving and tolerant to their sometimes-unpredictable behavior fits the Scorpio best.

They desire depth in their love life and will go on plenty of discoveries and experimental journeys with their sexuality.

Jealousy can be a problem, yet this should not be the case if the Scorpio feels safe and seen enough to be strongly determined enough to step away from a relationship that triggers such fears.

Scorpio and career

A goal, vision, or powerful intention is what not only drives a Scorpio individual but will also often be uniquely created by them. They can have great ideas and once their plan is established, they will motivate themselves with such determination that they’ll go to the end.

Scorpio people can be good team players if they’re given the freedom to be in control over their own tasks. With anything specific and detailed they can be trusted.

Business is one of the fields they tend to excel in. Their broad vision and dedicated nature can bring them far in life. They have an intense focus, drive, and ability to charm those around them with such magnetism that others will blindly follow their course.

Detective work, writing, healing, advisory roles, chemistry, and researching are some other career paths they easily succeed in.

Scorpio and health

Because they perform well under pressure, on a physical level Scorpios are pretty resilient to stress and other tensions that often cause diseases in others.

Yet what is also important for them is to have a health-care routine that they follow daily. Alone-time, meditation, and massages are some examples of what they benefit from physically and mentally.

The thing that most often gets to them is a deep fear or confusion about death. They are so closely related to this because of Pluto’s influence on their nature, that negative emotions can bring an existential crisis to the surface. They’re more likely to suffer from mental illness or emotional trauma.

Though they often show lots of strength and resilience, these people are also very sensitive and can get taken down by a little flu or cold quite easily. Pushing symptoms away to maintain their powerful image is a tendency that can bring risk along. It’s important that they follow their intuition, and when there’s even the slightest feeling of physical discomfort, they better get a doctor’s appointment and either let their mind rest or take appropriate action based on whatever diagnosis is made by a professional.

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