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Sagittarius personality

Ruled by the biggest planet in our solar system, Jupiter, Sagittarian individuals are naturally designed to seek expansion in life. Growth, travel, philosophy, and cultural understanding are some of the humanitarian elements connected to the powerful influence of this grandiose celestial body.

Sagittarians live a life of fortune because of their adventurous nature, outspoken personality, and honest approach to everything and everyone creates lots of opportunities.

As true optimists, Sagittarians often see life as a playground upon which they can travel, learn, and discover all they are curious about. Seeking for the unknown instead of fearing or doubting it, is what makes the Sagittarius archetype unique from the other signs. They have a natural trust in life and a desire to grow and expand themselves by stepping out of their comfort zone and releasing their mind from the framework of cultural conditioning. They enjoy learning about other ways of living and are open to understanding the perspective of other people, that is, if they are free to inquire as they like and receive mature responses. 

Truth is a great value for them, which is why they are honest and genuine people who always seek to understand something first before making a judgment or forming an opinion. They have a great mind and naturally free spirit that allows them to be open and receptive to life’s variety.

Conformity and conventional norms are no restrictions for them. This wild archetype desires to roam free and travel beyond their familiarities. Whether that is through intellectual expansion from higher education and/or travel, or emotional release by being bluntly open about themselves and working through whatever feelings arise.

Negativity or pessimism seems like a waste of time to them, which is why they live a fast-paced life and enjoy seeking the thrilling experiences in life to continue being enthusiastic and grateful for it. You won’t often hear a Sagittarian complain. If they are not satisfied with their situation, they either improve it or change their position. Simple as that, they do not find value in suckling over things that are not permanent. Their sense of independence and sovereignty allows Sagittarius individuals to stay away from feeling like a victim.

Their focus is on what is possible, not on what holds them back. Their courage, therefore, is a natural gift that can inspire many people to also dare to take steps further and trust the loss of control when entering an unknown space.

While symbolically explaining the fire signs; the Aries represents the ignition/spark and Leo the flame, Sagittarius is best described as the burning fire. It spreads its warmth and transforms whatever surface it touches with the creative energy of this element.

Yet to not let the fire spread too fast and cause unwanted destruction, there needs to also be a container within which it is free to burn. In their personality, this analogy shows up in the sometimes blunt or overwhelming behavior of Sagittarians. Learning how to also compose themselves and be more sensitive to their environment and other people’s limitations can help them to not be received as ‘too much’, but instead inspirational like teachers. Though they are not held back by many boundaries others can be, and they need to understand that in order to not intimidate them.

Debate and exchange of ideas and ideology are what spark their passionate nature most. The Sagittarius archetype knows that knowledge is a great power that brings confidence in life and transcends any fear or insecurity about unknown territories. It knows that to understand something truly, one can find trust and allowance for newness to feel equally safe as they do in what is already known.

Independent thinking, curiosity, and discovery are elements that keep the self on an ever-expanding path through life. Therefore, they are inspirational people who show others the creative beauty of having faith and attracting fortune by simply being open-minded and open-hearted.

Sagittarius and love

A fun-loving, adventurous, and very generous partner can be found in those with strong Sagittarius energy. These people may not be the most romantic or charming of all, yet they sure make for great partners to those who seek expansion and individual growth in a relationship.

A Sagittarius in love is very open, loyal, and giving to their loved one. They often seek to be with someone that is equally as curious and open about life, and not afraid to take the Sagittarian’s hand and discover the world together.

Independence and freedom are essential for this archetype, which is why they tend to be overly flirtatious or outgoing when they feel restricted by a possessive partner. For them to not fall back on their dark sides of being unfaithful or destructive, they need to feel appreciated for their free spirit and trusted by their loved ones.

Sagittarius and career

Sagittarians are adventurous, outgoing, and always looking for the next adventure. Sagittarius people need jobs that allow them to be creative and explore new things while also having stability.

As the ruler of the 9th house in the zodiac, Sagittarius is a sign that rules exploration, higher education, travel, philosophy, and religion.

The talents that come with such qualities are their intelligent approach to new information, ability to expand the mind beyond its frame, and a good eye for beauty in the world.

Careers that involve adventure, expansion, and/or intellectual stimuli fit Sagittarius people best. They function well in an independent position, as either an entrepreneur, specialist, journalist, or professor of some sort.

They can be great team players if their co-workers are tolerant and open-minded. Any form of restriction or repetition repulses them. Their work needs to be something they’re passionate about, which is why Sagittarians often find a good way of weaving their work- and personal life in a passionate and fortunate way. They can attract lots of abundances, especially in the richness of their internal world and the broad spectrum of wisdom and bountiful intelligence. 

Photography, travel documentation, public speaking, or any form of academia are some other fields in which many Sagittarius people can be found.

Sagittarius and health

The Sagittarian body is very active, and Sagittarius needs plenty of physical activity in their life in order to feel centered and balanced. Sagittarians are strongly connected with their bodies, so any a

The Sagittarian body is fueled by enthusiasm, movement, and strength. People with this sign often have a strong build, especially in their shoulders and thighs.

They need plenty of physical activity to release their intense energy, and not let this burn out their internal world. Any form of restriction, either mentally, emotionally, or physically can have negative effects on their well-being. 

By avoiding a sedentary lifestyle, they can slow down their aging process and keep clear from ailments. As long as they have enough mental and physical space to express themselves freely, their health should not be threatened.

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