Lilith in Taurus – what does it mean?

Lilith is in Taurus makes a person focus on the shadow aspects that need to be addressed and are related to sensuality, money, and the stubborn attitude that reside in the dark side of this archetype

Her overcompensating manifestation can lead to greediness, while She can also cause the opposite extreme and make a person too humble or live in poverty. 

When Her shadow casts its force on the Taurus’ horns, it can turn those with this placement into lustful bulls. They may have an overly strong need for sexuality and tend to overlook or reject the romantic, heart-felt, and spiritual aspects of this art. Taurus is known for its kind nature, yet Lilith’s rage can dominate this aspect.

While on the bright side, the empowerment that Lilith in Taurus inspires a person to can bring great fortune and luxury from a spiritual point of view, not a capitalistic one. 

For Lilith to be empowered in Taurus, one needs to contemplate to what extent their financial situation liberates or enslaves them. Knowing what value their possessions have and reclaiming the given that this value comes from within can rebalance the scale of measurement they use and purify their intentions. 

Lilith’s empowered character

The grounded nature of Taurus puts Lilith in a steady and stable environment where She can address the hidden traumas, fears, shame, and rejections that lay in the sub-conscience. The main issue and focus on healing She addresses is that a sense of safety is essential to face the programmed beliefs of society that a person’s worth is measured by their material wealth. To let go of control and trust life’s abundance instead, those with Lilith in Taurus need to first establish a sense of security within. 

People with Lilith in Taurus are ambitious and talented people who prefer to keep their resources to themselves. Sometimes they can come across as possessive because when Lilith feels taken advantage of, she loses faith in the material world and goes into panic mode. Not sharing things, hoarding resources, and keeping boundaries up too strong are tendencies of those with this placement in their chart.

On the other hand, Lilith holding on to what is hers makes these people highly practical and alert. They know what they want and are progressive thinkers with a strongly developed sense of confidence and self-mastery. Attaining goals by staying on track and not ‘giving away’ energy or time too quickly, on top of having incredible organizational skills and a good work ethic, allows these people to achieve their goals in life with greater ease and strong determination.

Lilith’s wild Nature and love to entertain can manifest in festive fun when those with her placement in Taurus feel safe and protected in their subconsciousness. That is when they like to share their energetic nature and quick wit. Making friends, therefore, is easy for these people. Their charm and earthy character make them reliable individuals who are responsible, accountable, and honest. 

The only thing that showcases less likable traits is their tendency to be overly stubborn and prideful.

Learning to compensate, share resources, and trust their own ability to rely on themselves, are some teachings in life that can loosen up their personality and make them more playful, generous, and trusting in others while less focused and rigid on their own needs. 

Sexuality and relationship

The sign of Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, which is a feminine body that brings forth harmony, balance, justice, beauty, and love. Therefore, Lilith, the warrior woman who seeks existential healing through self-empowerment, will manifest herself in the character of those with her placement in Taurus as a sensual, feminine, creative individual. That is if the repression of these traits is lifted in the unconscious. 

Lilith is very physical in Taurus because, as a sensual Earth sign, it focuses on gaining material resources. This affects the relationship with the material world, the person’s self-esteem, and their need for stability. The shadow aspect that she draws attention to describes the underlying belief that this person is not good and talented enough to support themselves. 

Affirmations about self-worth and abundance will help shed this self-destructive talk from the subconsciousness, improving the relationship these individuals have with everything around them. 

An excellent way to see if they’re learning these essential lessons is by observing their behavior. Any form of over-indulgence or unhealthy coping mechanisms can indicate that there is still more room for them to enjoy themselves in healthy ways and love the finer things in life. 

Intimacy can be essential to them, making it an excellent area for finding tools and insights that enhance their healing. By nature, people with Lilith in Taurus are sensual and seductive; they can sense attraction very strongly and act upon it with adventurous and promiscuous sexuality.

Lesson in life

Feeling safe in the material world is often the most significant lack in life for those with BML in Taurus. They fear discomfort and loss, which is why they are overly possessive due to it. 

Becoming aware of the unhealthy behavior that is the overcompensation for this insecurity is crucial to healing the deeper wounding that causes it. Existential fears can be their most significant motivation for finding security, which starts by trusting the Self and finding self-worth by embracing the abundance of life beyond just the material world.

Spending time in nature, getting or giving yourself a massage, spending time with loved ones, or witnessing the beauty of life while taking the time to do nothing, for example. 

Though each human generally experiences challenges in different areas of their life for which they seek help and support, the obstacles Lilith points out are meant to be conquered by the individual alone. She shows no mercy but will provide incredible strength and self-empowerment once the lessons are learned.

The extremes in which Lilith manifests her rebellious nature in Taurus are shown in over-or under-indulgent behavior around food, finances, and other material resources. 

Over-eating or -spending is an example of Lilith unmasking hidden traumas related to the pleasure of feeling comforted, safe, and satisfied. Ups and downs in the relationship with food or money are not uncommon for people with the Black Moon in Taurus. They can be possessive of their food, gain weight to protect themselves emotionally and physically, and often find comforting safety in food, leading to binge-eating. 

Lilith in Taurus can indicate a violated sense of security, which causes not feeling safe enough to be alone, have fun, be yourself, or enjoy the beauty of life without worrying about gaining resources all the time.

Such traumas likely started during childhood, when in some way, the individual was denied material pleasure and learned to reject it or even feel guilty about receiving it. This goes for any form of pleasure, such as sexuality, but it mainly revolved around the joy of comfort, luxury, and any form of threat. Being shamed for wanting to take care of oneself can scar the sense of self-worth in an individual. They may feel that others only accept them if they are content with the bare minimum and can even reject the idea of wealth and affluence. Lilith struggles to have enough here and causes fears that make it hard for these individuals to let go of things or people.

Not feeling worthy of pleasure can also cause them to crave it even more. As mentioned before, these people can suffer extreme overcompensation and tend to make bad decisions financially. The latter is not often a problem because most people with Lilith in Taurus overcome these challenges early enough and find great strength in their financial intelligence and relationship with food. 

The best way to transcend the wounding of Lilith’s sense of rejection and poverty is to start by taking extra care of oneself and enjoying the things in life with all senses. 

Gaining trust and faith in both the Self and life will open the gates to great abundance. This disproves the conditioned belief imprinted in the subconsciousness and brings forth the wisdom that actual value only comes from within. Nobody’s worth can be measured by external/material resources.