Are Geminis stubborn?

People often say that Geminis are stubborn. But what does that mean? Are they just determined and headstrong, or is there something else going on?

Actually, Geminis can be both determined and headstrong, as well as changeable and indecisive. So, what makes them seem stubborn to others? It might be their tendency to stick to their guns, even when they know they’re wrong. Or it might be their unwillingness to give up on a debate or argument, even when it’s clear that they’re not going to win.

But whether you see this as a good or bad thing depends on your perspective. From one point of view, Geminis’ stubbornness can be seen as a sign of their commitment and determination. They’re not going to give up easily, and they’ll fight for what they believe in.

From another perspective, Geminis’ stubbornness can be seen as a negative trait. It can make them seem unyielding and inflexible, and it can sometimes lead to arguments and disagreements. So, is Gemini stubborn? It depends on who you ask!