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Lilith in the 11th house – meaning explained

Black Moon Lilith reveals the hidden aspects of people’s personalities and manifests the shadow aspects that make up the suppressed parts of those hidden qualities. These are often created by conditions and traumas from the past, which is why it is not always an easy path to take when one decides to tackle their own demons. It requires facing the experiences that people have naturally put away and avoiding looking back at, yet it is where most answers to their problems will be revealed. 

Lilith can not be controlled; Her energy needs to be integrated and navigated. It is only possible to learn how to create healthier ways to express her power, but taming it fully only provokes Her destructive nature because She refuses to be suppressed. Acceptance is the only constructive way to heal. 

How and where Lilith manifests experiences confronting people with these shadows depends on the house and sign She is in. 

In the 11th house of the astrological chart, Lilith finds Herself in the area that rules a person’s immediate environment and the intentional awareness they carry about what purpose they have in the world.

This is, therefore, not an easy placement to tackle. Lilith’s challenges often include these people’s groups of friends and their sense of belonging in a community, club, circle, or society. 

To not let Her purpose bring you down, but instead become guided towards how you can reclaim your self-empowerment, it is essential to consider in what ways your behavior reflects shadowy aspects and how Lilith is connected to those. This can offer the appropriate tools you will need to navigate your wounded self and act from a place of power instead of helplessness. 

Lilith is there to remind you to be sovereign, strong, and authentic. Therefore, the potential power to reclaim is immense in the house of your relationship with peer groups. 

Keep reading if such success attracts you; it is ready to be unleashed once Lilith’s influence is integrated! 

About the 10th house

Each house in the chart wheel represents a different area of life. They are divided into three categories: the season’s beginning, middle, and end. These categories are called angular, succedent, and cadent. 

As a succedent house, the 11th represents the execution of a person’s awareness of their role in the world and what they came here to do. It is a significant one because, in this area, a person learns to establish their sovereign self, authentic soul-expression, and dharmic purpose. 

In the natural chart, this house is ruled by the air sign Aquarius, also known as the Water Bearer. This archetype brings tremendous intellectual power and seeks to improve all it can observe. Anything new, better, and eccentric is related to this sign. It is a natural innovator and brings values such as humanitarianism, community, authenticity, and change to the 11th house. Therefore, Aquarius and the 11th house are linked to large groups of people, organizations, and shared intentions. 

But it also rules friendships, belonging to a particular group or club, and other relationships based on mental connection. Emotions and intimacy are not so much a part of this because the relationships described by the 11th house are based on the allyship between humans and their shared visions for the world. 

In this house, one experiences the expansion of their innovative mind and creates new opportunities for the greater good. It is a selfless house and rules the realization and invitations of dreams and hopes in one’s life that they can bare for the collective.

Spiritually, it is connected to what is being given to a person and how the Universe supports them in achieving their goals and fulfilling the most significant potential of their existence.

What Lilith reveals here

Facing one’s demons and learning to transcend the suppressed and wounded internal parts that rule one’s unconscious patterns can bring tremendous power. The integration of Black Moon Lilith sets such a process in motion. However, it is not an easy path to take and requires openness to accept where and how a person manifests from shadowy aspects of their personality. 

Lilith helps people to find the unconscious patterns of extremist or destructive behavior and forces them through challenging experiences to heal their wounded selves. This happens by restoring their internal balance in areas where they may have felt powerless and helpless. 

The patriarchal world tends to condition people with a sense of shame, guilt, and rejection regarding their primal nature and wild desires for creative expression, which is the wild feminine side of Nature’s balance and protected by Black Moon Lilith. 

Lilith’s influence on the dealings with unconscious trauma and pain is similar to plutonic experiences, locked up in the unconscious, where patterns run in the background and cause problems.

The main indication of Lilith’s influence in the 11th house is shown by the fear, hesitance, or avoidance of those with this placement to connect with others and fit into a group. 

This can have many causes, but the most prominent pattern that these people need to break to let their creative confidence flow again is the attraction of people in their lives that are not good for them and inflict betrayal, rejection, or jealousy. Lilith, in the 11th house, confronts people with their wrong choices due to unconscious conditioning by creating painful experiences with those they consider their friends or allies. 

One of the reasons for their lack of better attraction and discernment is because they are afraid of their eccentricity and try to come across as average, regular, and appropriate by choosing and surrounding themselves with friends that fit that picture based on the societal/cultural norms and conditions of their environment. But so long as they attract people that can cover up their insecurity, their experiences of loneliness, pain, and being an outcast will become more challenging to deal with. This tires the healing process because it maintains the lousy influence they attract based on inauthenticity. But it also, in the bigger picture, keeps the suppressive cycle spinning of what conditioned norms and patriarchal decisions are acceptable. This form of control and suppression is precisely the type of issue that Lilith intends to destroy.  

Lilith’s mechanisms are subtle yet powerful, thus hard to illuminate. She will manifest Her creative powers through eccentric traits in these people’s personalities or looks. Yet, the only way to find strength in that is by integrating it and recognizing the powerful potential or originality and innovation it has. 

These people often fear being perceived for their controversial ways, but this insecurity maintains the destructive forces of Lilith and affects their social life negatively. 

This mainly occurs in the role they have in groups and how they are perceived in among bigger crowds. The 11th house is not related to romance and close friendships. Nonetheless, it is hard to experience being an outcast, despite a couple of loved ones in these people’s lives.  

More often than not, those with Lilith in the 11th house are different in many ways than most people around them. Whether it shows in their views of the world, their interests in taboos, unusual hobbies, or physical looks, being different and somewhat eccentric makes it challenging to fit in. That is why these people can feel like black sheep, outcasts, or any other form of exclusion from a community or society.

Though they are loners, they still crave for community and being part of a group of like-minded people. 

Their hidden attraction to others may be to the unusual and mysterious types, strong-willed, independent, and perhaps even outcasts or rather weird. Yet, despite their unconventional nature, they may have the best interest of these people at heart.  

The fear of not fitting in can be discouraging in the long run. Eventually, they may not feel safe to connect with others because those that are like-minded are often outcasts, and they don’t want to acknowledge their own eccentricity (which is a shadowy aspect), or the ones that seem normal eventually betray them. 

Whatever experiences lead to such a dilemma, it is Lilith who makes it hard for these people to fit in as long as they lack self-empowerment in accepting and embracing their peculiar, odd, unconventional, or quirky traits. 

As children, they were likely bullied and thus molded into insecurity despite their probable strong personalities. They may have felt unwanted due to their different streaks and can become reserved or emotionally detached from friendships. Their peers were, and in adulthood still are, often jealous of them and tried to undermine the power that comes with being authentic, original, and nonconformist. 

Later in life, these people can feel a lesser need to make friends or be part of a group. Yet this absence of social networking can make it difficult for them to be supported in their journey to success, whatever that means to them. 

The 11th house is, after all, the house of hopes and dreams and, thus, important in the chart. Lilith can slow down these people’s progress in life to achieve their goals if She is not integrated. 

When these people are not aware of their Lilith, they can unconsciously experience such delay and suppression as being rejected by the Universe. They may, therefore, develop disbelief in it and refuse to acknowledge anything about spirituality, humanitarianism, and other powerful concepts that the 11th house reveals. 

They have trouble accepting any support or letting their energy flow in healthy ways because they have lost trust in any guidance, meaning, or safety in the world. And that is what Lilith, in a negative manifestation, can cause.

Alternatively, Lilith’s dual nature and extreme tendencies can cause these people to act in completely reversed ways. They may strongly, destructively, and harmfully rebel against societal norms, and seek the most unconventional, anarchist, or dark eccentric groups of people just to make a statement and reject conformity.

Yet this too, when it comes from a place of internal imbalance, anger, or lack of self-empowerment, has adverse effects and can cause painful experiences. 

Issues with authority figures, conflicts between groups, and animosity towards those that have more ‘traditional’ outlooks can cause these people to become more detached than they need to be. 

The key to finding equilibrium and stability in one’s path of exoteric success is to find the balance between who they are and how their environment represents that. 

Acting in the extremes of Lilith’s nature, by either avoiding the right people or intentionally attracting the most rebellious ones, is not going to help them find their true self-empowerment. 

The way to heal Lilith’s wound

The problematic point of Lilith’s position in a birth chart indicates the area in life where a person needs to face their shadows and trauma. The subconscious avoidance of integrating Her energy is not a solution because Lilith, as the dark Feminine energy, works through the unconscious plane and causes many issues to arise to the surface. It is hard to understand these problems and relate them to Lilith, but integrating Her in constructive ways, no matter how challenging that may be, is essential.

Lilith in the 11th house is similarly experienced as having Lilith in the sign Aquarius. Yet uniting both the house and sign that She is in will provide the best overview of what needs to be considered to enhance the healing process of shadowy aspects. 

To avoid unnecessary problems in the long run, these people would benefit from learning to accept themselves and become emotionally detached from the opinions that others have of them. Not nonchalant or provocative either. 

Being part of a community or circle is a struggle for these people because they often feel uninvited. They react differently than most people do, based on the value system of that specific group, and others may find their nonconformity repulsive. 

Their reputation can be that of being problematic, too much, too little, or anything that others project on them based on the insecurity they have of their own shortcomings in authenticity. 

Realizing that, unless they have provoked negative attention, the insults and negative opinions of others are just reflections of their insecurities can help these people not to be as affected by bullies or hardship in life.

Instead, they can focus on living by the value of authenticity. These people are influenced by Lilith, who does not want to do or believe things that are not aligned with Her truth. She wants integrity and independence when making decisions and inspires these people to anchor their own truth as well. 

Allowing themselves to be seen among peer groups that perhaps the majority of people still frown upon, feel threatened by, and thus suppress is the most effective way in which these people can integrate Lilith and respond to Her teaching. They will find the right people for them, who, despite their quirkiness, accept them unconditionally and are trustworthy, loyal, and supportive. 

Being authentic and genuine burns away all that is untrue, and with their eccentric personality, views, interests, or looks, these people have the potential to ignite significant changes in their environment. 

Owning their ‘abnormalities’ can break the suppression of what is considered normal and what is not, so that they inspire more people to live by their authentic values and show the beauty of embracing one’s uniqueness. This can change the world for the better, allow others to strengthen their confidence, and bring humans closer to each other by eliminating separation. 

Integrating Lilith into the 11th house, therefore, is a noble job to do and has the potential to make these people successful revolutionaries, innovators, or other roles as pioneers. 

The primary desire of Lilith herself in this house is to utilize Her rebellious nature for the greater good and channel taboos, eccentrics, and creative newness through these people so that they can inspire the world to keep evolving in freedom of expression and with perfection of beauty evolving itself.