Moon’s Void of Course meaning – calendar 2022 dates

Hearing or saying “it’s just one of those days again…” is mournfully familiar for most people who know this expression refers to either one of two things; describing the feeling of lethargy and low-spiritedness or to the periods in which everything we try to manifest is being obstructed. Void of Course (VOC) is a concept that results in the first feeling and shows causality to the latter.

Whether nothing seems to work in your favor, there is unrealistic decision-making, or you experience chaos within any structure you try to maintain, moments like these can be highly frustrating, confusing, or demotivating. That is why it is essential to be aware of this possibility and consider an improved way to get on with our days.

Whether they lasted a couple of minutes, hours, or a day, many of these periods happened during the Moon’s Void of Course.

By understanding this astrological phenomenon, you can better maneuver through these times and tackle them beforehand by making appropriate decisions based on your knowledge of this subject and understanding the reason behind this collectively shared experience.

Becoming aware of the overall Moon’s connection to our experienced reality, including the concept of VOC, can be very helpful in avoiding low-frequency feelings to dominate your experiences and instead remain at an all-time inner balance with the constantly changing Nature of Life by becoming adaptable, mindful, and more focused on what reality shows instead of feeling like a victim from it.

What is Void of Course

The brilliant astrologer Al H. Morrison spent over 40 years researching, teaching, and writing about this astrological tool of interpretation and describes it as a time within the Moon’s physical course that occurs every couple of days in which it is recommended to avoid any form of manifestation and instead focus on spirituality and non-material concerns.

To understand what this means, let’s first look at some facts about the Moon and Her course.

The Moon is the fastest moving and feminine celestial body that symbolizes our astrology perception and receptivity of reality. She, therefore, rules our emotions and has an influence over the ebbs and flows of life, both internally and externally, which dictate the energetic current we are in and what frequency is primarily being manifested, consciously or not.

She reflects the Sun’s light, the essential source of manifested life on Earth, and thus makes the darkness of the night conscious to shine the light on our subconsciousness. 

When this celestial body transitions every ± 2,5 days from one zodiac sign to another, it also changes its element. For example, when the Moon transits from Aries to Taurus, the element changes from Fire to Earth. And from Taurus to Gemini would be from Earth to Air, etc.

Within the five elements of Fire, Air, Earth, Water, and Ether, only the first four make up the construct of our material world. The fifth one, Ether, is an element that holds the space for all others to manifest and thus has an empty, non-material, and spacious nature.

None of the zodiacal signs embody this element, which is why it is the one the Moon goes in when She is in between two of them. Therefore, we are not in the frequency of the ‘manifested world’ but instead in the emptiness of space as a collective.

That is why this nothingness in the consistently manifesting course of the Moon is called a Void.

How long this period of Ether lasts changes at each transition. Yet, with the timetable provided at the end of this article, you can know these periods beforehand.

When the primary element that rules our perception is Ether, we either sub-, un-, or consciously experience a ‘nothingness.’ It is comparable to a little vacation or a step away from the material constructs of reality.

The ongoing nature of our actions and attempt to work within the material realm can cause experiences that relate to the following concepts:

  • Decisions we make can later turn out to be unrealistic.
  • Creativity diverges in unexpected directions.
  • Objects attained through purchase or exchange will either be never or barely used.
  • Enterprises founded during this time fail after long and costly efforts.
  • Human judgment is more careless, ignorant, or frail.
  • Defects and shortages come to light; whatever we ‘want’ seems difficult to create.

Due to our unawareness of this astrological aspect, our daily routines proceed normally yet often require adjustments later in time. Preventing the frustration and loss of energy from these ‘failures’ in life can deeply enhance our confidence in Self because when the reality you create is in more consistent alignment with your dreams and intentions you will find the trust within to see reality clearly and act on it with both your intelligence and intuition. This is the key to manifestation!

The tool of knowing about the Moon’s cycle can be well worth the time to put into your toolbox. And it starts with understanding how and why the Moon rules our perception and subconscious desire and aims.

The purpose found in Void of Course

You can imagine that with the Moon ruling our feelings and subconsciousness during the times She is in a Void of Course on a collective level, we are not tuned into reality 100%, and everyone becomes more prone to feeling detached, spacey, and unanchored. Just as the word ‘void’ suggests, there is no foundation upon any matter.

So now that you are aware of this phenomenon existing, the next step is to realize its purpose.

Ether is the element of space, and to some, this can be interpreted as the element of our Soul, Self, or God that creates the realness of this Universe. The observing factor witnesses the manifestation of material/Earthy elements that keep nature in balance, allow its thriving and sustain the ever-evolving livelihood of organic beings.

To integrate these observations, have an overview of what is true and real, and have a ‘break’ from our constantly moving and changing experience of life, the Moon allows for a space in which we are invited to go inward. This signal is very subtle’ the world remains the same when we are in Void of Course. It is only from our experiences of frustration that it becomes measurable what the true frequency is in those periods. 

From this point of view, it is tangible to accept that the Universe has many ways of redirecting and guiding us. And scientifically explained through this phenomenon, the Void of Courses are the Universe’s way of forcing us to take a step back from our manifested world and enter the invisible space of the internal observer.

In astrology, this time is seen as an essential factor in attaining equilibrium between life’s polarities. Self and other, action and integration, or any other form of seemingly opposing truths need to remain in balance to create an expanding Nature symbiotically.

A lack of balance is from a holistic understanding the essential cause to any form of disease. It is why confusion, dissolution, and exhaustion exist in the world.

Yet instead of unwillingly dealing with obstacles and struggle, we can take this time of non-matter as an inspiration to remember the importance of self-care and awareness to keep a balance in life and create harmony between our path and the manifested reality around us.

That is why Al H. Morrison describes his understanding of ‘Void of Course’ as a time best used for subjective, spiritual, and non-material concerns that allow you to go inward.

This time between the Moon’s transition from one element to another is a moment of reflection and insight to best observe the reality you are in and take appropriate steps to manifest into your dreams and visions.

With this knowing, it is recommended to utilize these periods with intention and, if possible, within your current situation during these voids, resort to the following endeavors that allow your subconsciousness to communicate with you:

  • Prayer and meditation; allow through the silence of your mind, the Soul, subconsciousness, and higher Self to be more present.
  • Take a nap or have a dream-enriched sleep. During the Void of Courses, many messages, omens, or predictions can come forward.
  • Lovingly end whatever relation no longer serves you (business-related or personally). Shedding draining or negative energies can release you and raise your vibration, but to do this, you first have to witness what/who holds unhealthy attachments with yourself in your reality.

To enhance the success of your motives and realize your dreams in life, it is recommended to use this beneficial astrological tool for the way you time your actions and consider the needs that help you remain in a position of balance in life.

Avoiding any unnecessary difficulty and instead of strengthening your mindfulness is the most valuable potential this astrological awareness can offer. It’s not there to challenge or provoke you but rather to keep a balance between all five of the elements. We tend to forget/ignore the essential existence of Ether and the nothingness that resides within us as the observer of all things real.

Therefore, in the conclusion of this article’s explanation, the times during which the Moon is in a Void of Course are great for creating headspace and spiritual awareness, and best to avoid filling with any new activities, proposals, exchanges, or any form of manifestation.

Void of Course Moon Calendar 2022 (Eastern Standard Time)

Start DateTimeEnd DateTimeNew Sign
May 26:13 amMay 26:47 amGemini
May 44:37 pmMay 47:05 pmCancer
May 76:26 amMay 77:50 amLeo
May 98:39 amMay 96:53 pmVirgo
May 1212:00 amMay 122:34 amLibra
May 144:07 amMay 146:34 amScorpio
May 165:28 amMay 167:50 amSagittarius
May 1711:59 pmMay 188:02 amCapricorn
May 208:00 amMay 208:53 amAquarius
May 223:19 amMay 2211:49 amPisces
May 245:33 pmMay 245:39 pmAries
May 2611:20 pmMay 272:22 amTaurus
May 2910:11 amMay 291:23 pmGemini
May 314:10 pmJune 11:49 amCancer
June 311:15 amJune 32:38 pmLeo
June 57:12 pmJune 62:22 amVirgo
June 88:09 amJune 811:23 amLibra
June 101:36 pmJune 104:41 pmScorpio
June 125:40 pmJune 126:31 pmSagittarius
June 1410:58 amJune 146:14 pmCapricorn
June 162:41 pmJune 165:44 pmAquarius
June 182:50 pmJune 187:01 pmPisces
June 2011:11 pmJune 2011:37 pmAries
June 234:02 amJune 237:58 amTaurus
June 253:02 pmJune 257:13 pmGemini
June 2710:38 pmJune 287:53 amCancer
June 304:14 pmJune 308:40 pmLeo
July 35:59 amJuly 38:31 amVirgo
July 52:04 pmJuly 56:25 pmLibra
July 79:04 pmJuly 81:15 amScorpio
July 1012:34 amJuly 104:34 amSagittarius
July 119:42 pmJuly 125:01 amCapricorn
July 1412:17 amJuly 144:13 amAquarius
July 1612:36 amJuly 164:18 amPisces
July 182:43 amJuly 187:17 amAries
July 2010:19 amJuly 202:23 pmTaurus
July 227:45 pmJuly 231:11 amGemini
July 254:14 amJuly 251:54 pmCancer
July 278:54 pmJuly 282:36 amLeo
July 3012:29 amJuly 302:11 pmVirgo
August 16:29 pmAugust 212:06 amLibra
August 42:20 amAugust 47:47 amScorpio
August 67:24 amAugust 612:39 pmSagittarius
August 86:30 amAugust 82:39 pmCapricorn
August 1012:39 pmAugust 102:45 pmAquarius
August 127:07 amAugust 122:44 pmPisces
August 1411:11 amAugust 144:43 pmAries
August 164:18 pmAugust 1610:22 pmTaurus
August 197:06 amAugust 198:06 amGemini
August 216:06 pmAugust 218:29 pmCancer
August 245:40 amAugust 249:09 amLeo
August 262:55 amAugust 268:25 pmVirgo
August 2811:08 pmAugust 295:45 amLibra
August 316:43 amAugust 311:11 pmScorpio
September 21:22 pmSeptember 26:39 pmSagittarius
September 49:51 pmSeptember 410:03 pmCapricorn
September 65:43 pmSeptember 611:41 pmAquarius
September 88:34 amSeptember 912:42 amPisces
September 108:29 pmSeptember 112:47 amAries
September 1312:53 amSeptember 137:39 amTaurus
September 158:59 amSeptember 154:16 pmGemini
September 175:52 pmSeptember 183:59 amCancer
September 2011:57 amSeptember 204:38 pmLeo
September 227:07 amSeptember 233:53 amVirgo
September 258:49 amSeptember 2512:43 pmLibra
September 2712:21 pmSeptember 277:15 pmScorpio
September 295:20 pmSeptember 3012:03 amSagittarius
October 15:46 pmOctober 23:38 amCapricorn
October 311:49 pmOctober 46:20 amAquarius
October 56:46 pmOctober 68:47 amPisces
October 87:10 amOctober 811:57 amAries
October 1010:02 amOctober 105:04 pmTaurus
October 125:42 pmOctober 131:08 amGemini
October 1512:11 amOctober 1512:11 pmCancer
October 174:56 pmOctober 1812:45 amLeo
October 206:35 amOctober 2012:25 pmVirgo
October 222:17 pmOctober 229:24 pmLibra
October 248:36 pmOctober 253:18 amScorpio
October 2712:27 amOctober 276:55 amSagittarius
October 299:10 amOctober 299:21 amCapricorn
October 3111:14 amOctober 3111:43 amAquarius
November 27:08 amNovember 22:46 pmPisces
November 46:05 pmNovember 47:07 pmAries
November 65:30 pmNovember 712:15 amTaurus
November 97:00 amNovember 98:37 amGemini
November 115:28 pmNovember 117:22 pmCancer
November 145:41 amNovember 147:48 amLeo
November 166:55 pmNovember 168:04 pmVirgo
November 193:47 amNovember 195:58 amLibra
November 216:14 amNovember 2112:16 pmScorpio
November 231:16 pmNovember 233:16 pmSagittarius
November 252:22 pmNovember 254:18 pmCapricorn
November 273:11 pmNovember 275:07 pmAquarius
November 291:53 amNovember 297:15 pmPisces
December 19:44 pmDecember 111:41 pmAries
December 412:46 amDecember 46:38 amTaurus
December 62:02 pmDecember 63:49 pmGemini
December 91:13 amDecember 92:49 amCancer
December 111:49 pmDecember 113:09 pmLeo
December 1310:52 amDecember 143:45 amVirgo
December 162:13 pmDecember 162:49 pmLibra
December 185:35 pmDecember 1810:31 pmScorpio
December 209:45 pmDecember 212:12 amSagittarius
December 223:16 pmDecember 232:49 amCapricorn
December 2410:11 pmDecember 252:14 amAquarius
December 261:19 pmDecember 272:34 amPisces
December 291:21 amDecember 295:36 amAries
December 317:44 amDecember 3112:08 pmTaurus