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Chiron in Aries meaning explained

Depending on Chiron’s position in the chart, we likely preach the lessons that belong to that sign or house’s value in the cycle of evolution. Yet those lessons are the ones we struggle to absorb ourselves. Most people can relate to the classic situation of being able to give advice but struggling to incorporate it yourself. This phenomenon is related to Chiron.

Chiron’s position in the chart is a vulnerable and sensitive part of our lives. We bring self-honesty and awareness to those places and dare to be more transparent about understanding our insecurities because it is our place of compassion and unity through wounding.

These challenges are different from those of Saturn because when those are spotted, they usually feel sorer and cause defense or denial when someone is confronted with those parts. Chiron is more sensitive, causing us to find wisdom and unique views in those areas while also having feelings of shyness, shame, or guilt which humbles.

The wound you carry in Aries

As the youngest of the signs, Aries moves in only one direction; forward. It is the (cheer)leader archetype, always encouraging others to be themselves and grow in life by being independent and sovereign as their own authoritarian. This sign is related to one’s sense of individual purpose. Standing firm in knowing who you are is essential to this archetype. Chiron here indicates trouble with absorbing this given yourself.

People with this placement tend to feel like they are ‘too much’ and swallow their intuitive powers in favor of being socially accepted. Putting yourself on the top of your priority list is difficult because shame or guilt causes you to isolate these strengths and instead encourage others to take the spotlight in their own life.

You may have to remind yourself often that you are worthy and deserve to be your priority. Egoism, in a balanced way, is essential to feel whole because we can only see the best in others if we can see the best in ourselves. The same formula applies to trust. You can only trust others if you trust yourself, which is what you may preach to others but tend to hide in your own life.

Being a champion for the underdog comes easy because you know how hard it can be not to own your strengths. Seeing this in yourself brings compassion for those around you who struggle to stand out in their uniqueness and recognize their authentic value as a strength of character.

Your key resolution

Finding beauty and acceptance in our imperfections is the key to learning to trust ourselves. Chiron is not so much a place to know to get over specific problems as it is with Saturn entirely, but rather to recognize our vulnerabilities and learn how to work with them without judging others because we don’t do it ourselves.

Aries rules the mind, making it essential to reserve positive thoughts about yourself that say it is okay to prioritize your own well-being and growth. The words we speak to ourselves are crucial to our self-confidence. Supporting others to express their strengths is a beautiful quality; over time, you can learn to apply self-encouragement. It requires radical individualism to be fearless about expressing your strength.

Vulnerability means opening up the wound and exposing the insecurities so the wound can heal. It can help to realize why you may encourage others so much, yet not yourself, and dare to talk in high regard about your worth to yourself. You may tend to prove your worth by telling others about it or isolate those thoughts completely. Yet talking to yourself privately in the same way you do to others can heal the gap you may have in the relationship with your sense of self-worth.

Finding wholeness comes with being assertive, direct, fearless, and impatient in positive ways, not just expecting or encouraging that in others. Be strong-willed, enthusiastic, and playful with the instinctive strengths you know, and return the favor of supporting others to be strong back to yourself!