December 5 zodiac sign horoscope

Personality Personality traits of persons born on December 5

People born on this date fall under the zodiac sign Sagittarius and are therefore naturally ruled by the planet Jupiter. The number of this day is ruled by another symbolic value that unites with their reigning planet and creates a uniqueness to these individuals that stands out from other Sagittarius individuals. From a numerological interpretation, it is Mercury that is connected to the number 5.

This planet symbolizes vision, change, adventure, adaptability, analysis, and progression. It is the planet that rules our communication and intellect, which adds a power of curiosity and intelligence onto the nature of those born under its influence and creates talent, versatility, and good observational skills.

The number 5 is one that encompasses exploration and variety, which is why these people likely possess wittiness on top of a high-spirited nature and immense curiosity.

They are very independent, intellectually charged, and always absolutely honest.

Akin to their sun sign’s general energy and with the addition of Mercury’s influence of flair, people with this birthday are highly charismatic and have a spirited charm that is also magnetic to others.

They are confident with a deep sense of independence and an agile mind.

To the world, they may have an inspirational optimistic attitude and sincerity that in combination with their enthusiasm and independence can guide them through everything in life.

Humor is often used as a coping mechanism, way of communication, and tool with which they approach challenging situations.

Once an idea pops up in their mind, they can become zealots and show fanatical behavior. To others, this can come across as dogmatic behavior and a self-righteous attitude.

These people are fiery and flexible in their ways which can be beautiful for their freedom and openness to life, but it may also cause them to not want to linger in emotions, thus they tend to avoid their responsibility around it and stick with their desire to come and go whenever they wish.

Sometimes this can lead to bluntness and irresponsibility, which is something they can work on by having a bot more focus on fewer things and find their expansion there.

When they find themselves in emotionally demanding or upsetting situations and do not have an exit, December 5 people can show isolated, touchy, or impulsive behavior that may even result in aggressiveness.

How love is experienced by persons born on December 5

The value of love and relationship to Sagittarius individuals is often that of finding a new adventure to go on with someone that is just as enthusiastic to discover newness as them.

Loyalty, honesty, and open-mindedness are key elements for any relationship, but not many value this as much as December 5 individuals.

Intellectual stimulation is also an important one, especially to keep inspiring themselves and their loved ones with fascinating points of view and ideas to go on new journeys.

They would benefit from being with someone who understands their free spirit and is not too clingy or possessive, for this can push a Sagittarius individual away very quickly.

Health of persons born on December 5

The excitable energy of the planet Mercury adds to the tendency for restlessness and inconsistency in these people’s life. On their health this can have a negative effect that likely shows in one or several experiences of nervousness, mental stress, colds, and flu due to a lowered immune system, skin problems, and insomnia.

With tension being the main cause for the ailments these people are most vulnerable towards, the solution is easily found in proper outlets for their energy and enough support to keep them on track in their life goals.

Sagittarius rules certain body parts and the knowledge on which those are can help to research a fitting lifestyle and diet choices to best support these. These parts also likely act as first indicators that there may be certain diseases developing, thus it is important for December 5 individuals to pay extra attention to the following parts; the hips, loins, thighs, buttocks, and liver.

Adequate rest and meditation can help these people to maintain their clarity of mind and prevent it from clogging up.

Ideal careers for persons born on December 5

To satisfy the need for a sense of fulfillment in life most people aim to stay on a career path that suits them best and brings meaning to their time and energy.

Confusion on what fits best to your personality and potential is a common struggle that leads to discontentment amongst many, both personally and professionally. It is valuable for these people to find a career path that is most compatible with their personality as described by astrology and numerology.

These people are often very adventurous, good communicators, passionate, and versatile in their talents and interests. They can show lots of compassion to others and can relate well to people from any background.

They are methodical in their ways and work well independently, while also having a talent of presenting their ideas in powerful ways.

Analytical is another quality brought forth by the influence of Mercury.

Boredom can strike them so they likely always find things that keep them charged. 

Career directions: clerical, programmer, crisis management, politics, teaching, animals, travel, mediator

Important historical events that happened on December 5

771   – Charlemagne becoms the sole King of the Franks

1349 – 500 Jews of Nuremberg were massacred during the Black Death riots

1848 – Goldrush triggered by James K. Polk

1933 – Prohibition ends in the US when the 21st Amendment to the US Constitution ratified

Famous persons born on December 5

  • Walt Disney
  • Paula Patton
  • Little Richard
  • Frankie Muniz
  • George Armstrong Custer
  • Werner Heisenberg
  • Bill Picket
  • Władysław Szpilman
  • Joan Didion
  • Margaret Cho
  • Fritz Lang

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